A Wizard for Christmas

The Protectors (Prequel)

A Wizard for Christmas was well written. The book does progress nicely. It was a book with vivid details. It’s the type of book that you can visualize it like it was a movie.

The plot was clear. Holly had to learn to trust Hadrian even though they had a rocky start. Hadrian had to get Holly to understand that she had to help him with his seemingly impossible task. Holly has to learn to look inside herself if she wants to get what she wants more than anything else. The ending was very good.

I felt that the characters began to mature then stay in the same level of maturity for a while before they started to mature again. They had to learn to let themselves feel and not let the fear of losing hold them back. They have to overcome people’s lack of faith in them. They have to learn to trust themselves.

Overall this isn’t a book that I would buy as I just didn’t find myself personally interested in it. But it was done well and those readers who like this type of story will enjoy it.

Book Blurb for A Wizard for Christmas

In this novella, Holly desperately wants a perfect Christmas, and she's perfectly willing to make herself miserable getting one. Unfortunately, there are mystical forces at play that threaten more than her holidays...her life is in danger. And the only one who seems to know what's going on is a darkly handsome, but mysterious, wizard who makes her want to add "romance" to this year's Christmas wish list.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.00