Three Kisses of Lust

Dark Hollywood Series

“Three Kisses of Lust” is the story of how the Wright twins use the power of their motion picture studio to capture and claim the woman they believe is their destined mate. The fact that this woman, Gia Carelli, is a well-known actress who has previously been emotionally betrayed by a movie producer and burned by the paparazzi doesn't faze Liam and Aidan in the slightest. At first, Gia does not appreciate feeling like their mutual prey, especially when she’s kept off balance by whichever twin appears to be the one making love with her at the moment. It takes all of the Wright twins’ skill at persuasion to wear Gia down until she sees that a future with them is not only desirable but inevitable.

I enjoyed reading how Liam and Aidan’s lives had led them up to this moment and this woman, while Gia learned to trust not only both of them, but herself. Each incredibly passionate sexual encounter built on the previous one, and helped me to see just how life and love with both Liam and Aidan would be for Gia at the same time she did. “Three Kisses of Lust” is a classic menage story in the Siren Bookstrand tradition and a fast, enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for Three Kisses of Lust

Gia Carelli is a straightlaced A-list actress, who finds herself addicted to something she has never had. Dark and seductively delicious twins. Liam and Aidan Wright, the sexy owners of Wright Studios, are lucky in fortune, not with love. They hatch the perfect soul mate plan using one of the studio's movies and its star, Gia Carelli, as the chosen one. They agree that the onyx-haired goddess is exactly their type. Will Gia be able to fight her body's response to their heat and her soul's response to their hearts?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 3.50