Make me Yours Evermore

Pierced Hearts, #3

Make Me Yours Evermore is the third book in Cari Silverwood’s Pierced Hearts series and it goes way beyond even what happened in the previous two books into a place that was almost too dark for me to handle. The decisions that Klaus made in book two have led us to the point where Chris, his friend and fellow Dom, has kidnapped Kat, their mutual friend and sometime submissive. He’s taken to an isolated cabin in the woods where he will finally be able to indulge his unrelenting obsession with her, all in the name of keeping her from telling the police what she thinks she knows about what Klaus and Jodie have done.

But Chris’s plan has run into a few complications. One is his good friend Andreas, who insisted on accompanying him with Kat after discovering her bound and gagged in the trunk of Chris’s car. Andreas is both awed and repelled by what Chris has done and will do in the quest to make Kat bow to his will. He knows Kat should be rescued if Chris goes too far, but how will he know when that happens once his obsession with her becomes just as strong? The other more serious complication comes from the criminals who own the place where Chris and Andreas have taken Kat, and how their activity could take Kat from a mere “abduction between friends” to something even more dangerous, if such a thing is possible.

I had a lot more difficulty reading Make Me Yours Evermore than I did with the previous two books in the Pierced Hearts series. I think part of it was not having Klaus there as the reliable center for what took place, even as it went far beyond anything what he had done. Chris is Klaus’s friend and acolyte in all things BDSM, but that didn't mean I trusted him to do the right thing as I had with Klaus. And Andreas may have fancied himself as Kat’s savior, but that didn't mean he wasn't right there with Chris in taking away all of her options that didn't fit in with the plan. Yet even as I kept putting the book down and picking it up again, I also kept telling myself that Cari Silverwood knew what she was doing and that everything would work out as best as it could under the provided circumstances. My trust in her was rewarded with an ending that convinced me Kat’s future with Chris and Andreas would be a good one, as well as a palpable sense of relief that it hadn't all gone horribly wrong.

The same warnings for the other Pierced Hearts books apply even more here: This book is not for everyone. There is even less romance here than previously, and that might be a deal breaker for those who loved Jodie and Klaus’s stories. But if you dare to read, you’ll find a riveting story that stays with you long after you’re done. I’m still not sure I’m prepared to read the next book in this series, but I’ll certainly give it a try. After all, Cari Silverwood hasn't let me down yet.

Book Blurb for Make me Yours Evermore

Taking what you want may come at a terrifying price.

Chris calls his darkest, nastiest fantasy into the light of day when he has to kidnap Kat to save a friend. For years, he’s wanted to bring her to her knees.

But claiming her draws attention. Andreas wants to save Kat, until he sees her response to raw male dominance.

More dangerous are the human traffickers, who regard the acquisition and selling of women as a very high stakes business. And they're watching. Everything.

Death. The perversion of love. The loss of freedom.

Sometimes there is no choice.

Warning: Capture fantasy; dubious consent; anal play; strap-on; M/f/M and f/f scenes; BDSM themes including caning, spanking, bondage, and piercing, as well as some upside-down naughtiness.

Also contains one Dom gone bad who believes obsession means never having to say you're sorry.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00