Campus Cravings: Higher Learning

One of the latest trends in self-publishing in romance is for several authors to bundle their stories together at a single price, often for a limited time. The M/M romance novella bundle CAMPUS CRAVINGS is one of the more satisfying examples of this approach, due in no small part to its array of proven authors, as well as its conceit of all the stories taking place at the same fictional college campus.

At Cathia University, same sex relationships are accepted for the most part, although there are still those who would punish and harass those who just want the freedom to live and love as they choose. Although every story had its positive moments that made it worth reading, the ones I liked the most went past the standard insta-lust and fear of discovery tropes to embrace themes that took them above and beyond what I’m accustomed to finding in most M/M erotic romances.

My very favorite story in CAMPUS CRAVINGS is the one that caught me by surprise as much as it did its two main characters. In WINNING BRACKET, Ollie and Edwin may appear to always be at cross purposes, but as more of their shared history is revealed during Cathia’s journey through March Madness, both we and they discover what they really need has been right in front of them all along. I enjoyed reading all the stories in this bundle, but WINNING BRACKET is the one that had me laughing and crying in equal amounts.

In a crowded field of romance bundles, CAMPUS CRAVINGS stands out not only because of the quality of the stories, but also because those stories together provide a real sense of the community within the Cathia University campus and surrounding area. If you’re a fan of the M/M romance genre, it’s definitely worth reading.

Book Blurb for Campus Cravings: Higher Learning

Follow the adventures of hot college guys in these nine interrelated stories. Some are a little sweeter, and some will melt the ice around the famous Millspoon Fountain. But no matter the heat level, these guys find love in all the right--and sometimes unexpected--places.

Private Lessons by Kyann Waters

The Dust Of Everyday Life by Sara York

The Eloquent Jock by Cassandra Carr

Switching Leads by Mia Downing

Solid Education by Bianca Sommerland

Did Somebody Order A Pizza? by L.A. Witt

Winning Bracket by Annabeth Albert

Artistic Endeavor by Whitley Gray

Lesson Learned by Dalton Diaz

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 4.50