Body of Work

Cassie is a professional photographer trying to rebuild her career and life since the shocking betrayal of her ex-boyfriend. Brian is the super friendly and super-hot personal trainer at her local gym who helps make her workouts the highlight of her day. They've shared an unacknowledged mutual attraction for months, but neither of them dared act on their feelings. One fateful night Cassie leaves the gym without her cell phone and Brian decides to bring it back to her at home after closing. When Brian knocks on Cassie’s door, it doesn't take long for their heavy flirting to rocket past heavy petting right into a passionate affair that threatens both Brian’s job and Cassie’s peace of mind.

“Body of Work” is a wonderful story about how two people wary of trusting the wrong person again can’t help but keep coming back to each other, first for lust and then for love. The scenes between Cassie and Brian are easily the best part of this book, and their relationship is both touching and believable. The back stories of how each was deceived in their previous relationships meshed nicely with the ongoing narrative involving Brian’s creepy boss and his attempts to blackmail Brian into arranging a sexual encounter with Cassie. If you’re looking for a scorching hot read with a winning couple and an emotional happy ending, you can’t go wrong with “Body of Work.”

Book Blurb for Body of Work

Cassie has fantasized about the ginger-haired personal trainer for months. Brian is friendly, but never more—until he appears on her doorstep and shows her how much her flirting has affected him. The more she’s with him, the more Cassie wants the fairytale, not just hot sex with the six-two hunk. She can give Brian full access to her body, but after her ex’s reaction to her explicit photography business, sharing her secrets, and her heart, isn’t an option.

Brian knows better than to break the rules. Don’t date gym members. Keep his inner beast on a leash during sex. Cassie tested his resolve on number one her first day in the gym. Shattered the second rule when he touched her. The petite pixie shares his preferences in the bedroom. She makes him laugh and love—but past mistakes haunt him, emotionally and tangibly. Cassie’s worth the price he’ll pay for breaking the rules. Now he must convince her to give him her heart.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50