Wolf Trinity

Pick up a copy of Wolf Trinity and immerse yourself in the imaginative thought process of Becca Jameson.

Emma Young has lived in fear of being murdered like her parents for fifteen years. Those that are after her have now finally found her and she runs. She leaves the café where she worked, friends and everything she possesses to run from those who chase her. She runs all the way from her home in Kentucky to the wilds of Tennessee and straight into the claws of an old metal animal trap. Jaden Campbell and Liam Young, two university professors, long-time friends, and lovers had come to do research on the local flora and fauna of the Tennessee woods and spend the summer alone enjoying themselves. After arriving Liam and Jaden go out to explore the area around their secluded cabin. Thinking of being able to explore each other and being able to run free in wolf form whenever they want they hear the cries of an animal in pain. Following the cry’s they find Emma, in her wolf form, caught in a trap. Her leg is broken and bleeding.

Extricating her from the trap they take her back to the cabin and care for her. Each with their wolves jumping for joy for they have found their mate. As Emma heals she knows she cannot let them claim her. She must continue to run or she would bring the danger that threatens her to her mates. As much as she wants to allow them into her life, to keep them safe she will leave before the claiming and bonding is complete. Liam and Jaden can feel her desire to leave and must find a way to convince her that whatever she is running from they will protect her and that there is more than enough room in their hearts to love her too. Can Emma accept them and their relationship? Can Liam and Jaden give up each other to keep Emma? Who killed her parents? Who’s after her now? Will they have a chance for a future or will the past loom up to take it all away?

Becca Jameson has given us a shifter romance that is filled with romance and intrigue. There are unknown assassins and we question the reason behind the killings and why they have waited fifteen years to come after her again. About the time I found my answer to one question another two or three popped up. Ms. Jameson will keep you on your toes to the very surprising end of the story. Readers are in for sensual love scenes that explode off the pages and characters that they will find charming and likeable. I found that Becca Jameson has shared another of the many wonderful stories running through her mind demanding to be told.

Sensual Level: Explicit

Book Blurb for Wolf Trinity

Tired, alone, on the run, Emma can’t afford the luxury of trust. But when she breaks her leg, she has no choice but to accept the help of the two wolf-shifters who find her. Wolf Trinity is Becca Jameson’s new paranormal romance, where the pages ignite with passion as the three face their destiny. The metal teeth of the trap may have snared her leg, but her two sexy mates are set to snare her heart. You won’t be able to put this one down!

Emma is a wolf-shifter on the run from humans who killed her parents fifteen years ago. When she steps in an old trap in the Tennessee woods, she is truly screwed. Hungry and tired from weeks of running, she assumes she’s going to die.

Liam and Jaden are also wolf-shifters. They’re staying in a cabin in the wilderness for the summer to catalog the plant life in the area. Hoping to spend the summer enhancing their own relationship and escaping women altogether, they are surprised to find a trapped little female wolf on their first day at the cabin. Not only is she injured and mysteriously alone, but they realize she’s their mate.

As Emma recovers from a broken leg, the three find themselves drawing closer and closer together. The pheromones filling the tiny cabin suffocate them with the need to mate.

But Emma has an agenda: run for her life and keep these two male shifters from succumbing to the same fate she is destined for—death.

And Liam and Jaden have their own problems. Both are concerned about what will happen to their relationship if they claim the gorgeous female occupying their bed. Will she accept their need to be with each other as well as her? More urgently, can they trust her not to flee at the first opportunity, leaving Liam and Jaden with holes in their hearts, wondering what could have been?

Content Notes: Hot, Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, GLBT, Ménage, Polyamory, Light BDSM

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.50