The Mummer's Curse

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The Mummer's Curse

An Amanda Pepper Mystery

The Mummers are having their annual New Year's Day parade on a freezing, blustery morning and Amanda Pepper is out to see it with her six-year-old niece. Hoping to get more insight into the group for an article she is writing about the Mummers, Mandy will soon wish she had skipped the cold outing and stayed inside with a fire and watched it on TV as CK Mackenzie, her live-in boyfriend, suggested. When someone is shot directly in front of her and other spectators, Mandy is shocked. Then the chief suspect, fellow Philly Prep teacher Vincent Devaney, lies and tells police he was with Mandy when the murder occurred, and the murder weapon is found in her purse, the spotlight falls onto Mandy. When another body is found, even her lover begins to question her innocence.

This is Gillian Roberts' seventh foray into the world of Amanda Pepper, and while this particular book is a bit more intense than the usual books in this series, "The Mummer's Curse" is no less enjoyable. I found the concept of Mummers intriguing and was led to check further into the group. I think you would find it interesting as well. I normally find CK Mackenzie charming, but he was not my favorite person the way after all this time, he does not know the basic personality of Mandy and questions her innocence. I begin to think Mandy could do a whole lot better. CK needs to get his act together before she wises up and looks elsewhere.

As you can tell, you begin to think of the characters as real and become invested in their lives and loves. You will enjoy the growth these characters have shown over the series. Although you can enjoy this book as a stand alone I suggest you read the series from the beginning to learn how the different characters interact and how their relationships grow over the course of one book to the next. Gillian Roberts, a former teacher herself, gives Mandy the true traits of a teacher and as a former teacher myself, I enjoy watching her actions and reactions to her students and her job. There is so much going on with the series you will find you are constantly tempted with her storylines. Pick up a copy today and dive into the complex world of Amanda Pepper.

Book Blurb for The Mummer's Curse

In her new novel starring Philadelphia schoolteacher Amanda Pepper, Gillian Roberts once again mixes mystery and mirth. This time Roberts explores Philadelphia's unique flesh and blood "historical monument"-- the Mummers, who live (and perhaps are willing to die) for a few hours of glory every New Year's Day.

The famous Mummers' Parade is an extravaganza that draws enormous crowds who cheer through chattering teeth, as more than thirty thousand clowns, string bands, and fancy brigades strut their stuff up Broad Street. But this year, while the music blares and the Mummers dance, a reveling Pierrot suddenly sinks to the ground, shot dead.

Amanda is, at first, only a horrified spectator. But when the prime suspect--her friend and fellow teacher at Philly Prep--falsely claims to have been with her at the time of the murder, Amanda can no longer stay on the sidelines.

Is the murder a flare-up of deadly rivalries? Is it connected with the disappearance, the week before Christmas, of another Mummer, the heir to a meat-packing family? Does someone disapprove of the Mummers' feathers, sequins, and string bands? And why is no one in the tight-knit world Amanda investigates willing to tell the truth about anything?

With Amanda on the scene, the who in whodunit doesn't stay secret for long. In The Mummers' Curse, Gillian Roberts is, as always, at the head of the parade.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50