The Case of the Missing Dinosaur Egg

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The Case of the Missing Dinosaur Egg

A Chiana Ryan Mystery #1

This book is reminiscent of the days when I would read Nancy Drew and dream of one day being just like her. I enjoyed venturing to my childhood once more and found the same pleasure when I read The Case of the Missing Dinosaur Egg as when I use to read The Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew, and The Hardy Boys Mystery series.

Twelve year old detective Chiana Ryan is visiting the South Australia Museum with her seven year class. After listening to her best friend Tayla go on and on about her Chiana and Sarah spending their school holiday at Sarah's Aunt Kate's house she is ready to scream. Using the exhibits as a distraction she notices a fossilized dinosaur egg jiggle. When she mentions it to her friends Tayla, Jack and Sarah they scoff at her. Yet a short time later as they are called into the cafeteria Chiana, the last to leave, sees the egg jiggle again. It then begins to rise and disappear through a hole in the ceiling.

When she arrives home her mother is up in arms about her being involved with the theft in any way. The following day while Tayla's Mom's boyfriend drives the three girls to Sarah's Aunt Kate's house the car is nearly side-swiped by a battered gray utility vehicle with Professor T. Good written on the door. Later when accomplishing a double dare with Noah she sneaks onto the Professor's land and discovers a people eating bull, an attack guard dog and a room full of eggs in a shed. Having left one egg mystery, Chiana has stumbled on another. Chiana cannot wait to take on another mystery. Unfortunately she forgot that investigating a mystery can be dangerous to her health.

Readers will be pulled into Ms. Whyte's book. After the first one readers look forward to revisiting Chiana and her eclectic group of friends. Keep in mind that there is a prequel available titled The Case of the Disappearing Body.

I hope you are entertained by the Chiana Ryan Mysteries as I was. Pick up a copy today and indulge yourself in this delightful story from the creative mind of June Whyte.

Book Blurb for The Case of the Missing Dinosaur Egg

Chiana Ryan, PI (sort of) is deep in the middle of an exciting mystery, and everything is coming up eggs. First there’s the 120-million-year-old dinosaur egg that disappears from its stand at the museum. Then there’s the shed full of eggs she stumbles across while investigating crazy Professor T. Goodenough’s scary signs.

What do these eggs have in common? What are the strange creatures hatching from the eggs in Professor Goodenough’s shed? And how can Chiana find time to follow clues when the owner of Treehaven Riding School keeps her busy riding and looking after the horses?

Chiana and her friends are determined to crack the case, even when the clues bring them to the egg thieves themselves. Suddenly, it’s horses against motor bikes in a desperate race for survival…

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.50