The Case of the Disappearing Corpse

A Chiana Ryan Mystery

Twelve year old Chiana Ryan wants to be a writer. She plans to enter a contest for writers in a kid’s magazine. She thanks her lucky stars when she hears that a dead body turns up in a pansy bed at the home of her former baby sitter, Patsy. Chiana soon discovers that reading about mysteries and doing real investigation are not the same. Reality can be deadly to the detective and her.

Chiana decides solving the mystery will help her with her story and perhaps show her family that she is someone to be noticed and listened to. Since her mother's remarriage Chianna has had to put up with a sneaky underhanded stepsister, Sarah. Sarah is constantly invading her bedroom, getting into Chianna’s things and even going so far as to read her diary. That’s a crime punishable by dismemberment and death in the most horrible and painful means possible. It does not help that her mother is always taking Sarah's side and telling she needs to be more like Sarah and be nicer to her.

This mystery is geared towards middle school grades, but will appeal to anyone who has ever read a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy Mystery in their youth. The memories will have you adding Chiana Ryan to your fond childhood memories as Ms. Whyte takes you back to the time when you curled under a tree to revisit your favorite mystery detective. I am eagerly awaiting the next time I am transported back into this real with The Case of the Missing Dinosaur Egg. That’s the next in the Chiana Ryan Mystery series. I hope you receive as much pleasure as I did from reading June Whyte's The Case of the Disappearing Body as I did.

Book Blurb for The Case of the Disappearing Corpse

The Case of the Disappearing Corpse is a prequel to a series of hilarious mysteries starring Chiana Ryan, an almost-13-year-old wannabe crime writer.

When a babysitter discovers a dead body in her garden, Cha decides to use all her super-sleuth talents to hunt down the murderer--and just maybe win the online crime-writing contest with her story. It’s not as if there’s any lack of clues.

First, there’s the suspicious pink handkerchief with the letter K embroidered in the corner. Then a bent old man in a grey cardigan and baggy trousers tells Cha all about the two aliens who landed their space-mobile on the church roof. And what about the disappearing body that turns up two days later in the garden shed?

With the help of her friends, and against the firm advice of a local police officer, Cha leaps into the mystery and discovers--almost too late--there’s a big difference between a storybook mystery and the real thing.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.50