The Ayes Have It

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The Ayes Have It

A Jessie Schroeder Mystery

Jesse returns from a holiday to find that Arnold Richard Peters is picketing the library. He is protesting that the library is allowing access to books that should be banned for content. One of these books is Jesse's own The Sunburnt Ghost. Her boyfriend, Sherriff Gil Keller, asks Jesse to let him handle it and stay out of it. She agrees and truly does try, but she is pulled into it when a fellow library board member with ties to the picketer gets involved and opposes the upcoming library bond. Then the picketer turns up dead and suspicion falls on Jesse. After all what is a girl to do? Jesse sets out to clear her name and find the real killer before it is too late.

This is a fast moving story and will appeal to anyone who likes a light mystery to test their deductive powers. Ms. Majerus enjoys providing twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. I found myself constantly changing direction as a new clue and a few red herrings led me off in different directions. Pick up your copy today and see how you do. If you enjoyed The Ayes Have It as much as I did you may want to pick up a copy of Best Laid Plans which is the first in the series. Book 2 is titled Thicker Than Water. Each book could be read as a standalone, but as with most series a reader may want to read them for background. It’s always nice to read where the characters come from and how they developed over time. Jesse Schroeder will soon become a favorite of yours too.

Sensual Level: Mild

Overall Rating: Very Good

Book Blurb for The Ayes Have It

Jessie’s stuck in the middle again.

Since Jessie Schroeder moved back to Riverport, a small town overlooking the Mississippi River, it seems every time she turns around she trips over a body or uncovers some act of malfeasance. Sheriff Gil Keller said it best, “Jessie attracts trouble like a magnet attracts iron filings.”

In The Ayes Have It, history repeats itself. All Jessie is trying to do is her civic duty as a member of the Library Board and co-chairperson of the library bond issue campaign. Then a representative of an organization calling itself GOCLAP (Guarding Our Children from the Lewd and Pornographic) turns up to picket the library. He claims that Jessie’s prizing-winning children’s book, The Sunburnt Ghost, should be banned.

After a fellow member of the Library Board decides to oppose the bond issue, Jessie discovers he has a checkered past and a long-time relationship with the picketer. The affair rapidly gets complicated when the picketer turns up murdered and Jessie becomes a suspect.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50