Sushi in Atlantis

Wet Multi-Author (#5)

This short novella packs a lot into a few pages. The fate of a lost mythical land and its people lies in the heart of one who does not believe in myths. Read Ms. Monroe's novella to find out what becomes of Caprice and Reil.

Reil has learned the secret of the curse placed on his people all those centuries ago. Atlantis was cursed by a witch who was rejected by a royal. Atlantis was sunk beneath the sea forever, but the people survived. They are dolphin shifters now. They live in human form when they are dry, but when their skin gets wet they transform into dolphins. The male royals must find a mate from the land walkers by their 25th birthday or they are forever locked into their dolphin form and loose all their humanity.

Upon finishing the book his mother gave him on her deathbed Reil storms into to council chamber to confront his father as to why he was not warned of this. His birthday is in one day. He learns his father, a cruel and vicious man, had never planned to tell him. He did not want the competition for the throne. The King was not to be thwarted. With a shout his guards grab Reil. He breaks free and escapes by jumping into the pool in the middle of the chamber. Reil transforms into his dolphin form and swims away in search of his true mate.

Caprice has saved for over two years for a holiday and is determined to enjoy it to its fullest. Luck has not been on her side recently and she is hoping her luck has changed. On the last stop of the cruise she and her friends explore an island. Caprice is drawn into the lush overgrown vegetation by music. It seems no one else can hear it. To prove her bad luck has followed her, she comes out of the daze the music caused to hear the signal that the ship is preparing to leave port. She races back just in time to see the ship sailing off.

Caprice waits for its return for hours. She suddenly hears the music once more and is pulled back to the hidden cove. Reil looks upon the beauty that is his mate. Caprice comes out of her trance and faints. Reil comes to her and picks her up and carries her into the sea to take her to an underground cave to complete their mating. Time is nearly up and the last tide of the day will so begin. He must possess her before it comes. She is his only hope. Will she accept the mating or will Reil be ever trapped in his dolphin form and loose his humanity forever. This is a fate he has sworn won’t happen. He would rather die before it can claim him.

Book Blurb for Sushi in Atlantis

Long ago, the people of Atlantis were cursed. Their world sank into the great blue waters surrounding the sacred island. They've lived all these centuries deep within the ocean as dolphin-shifters -- avoiding the world of men. If Prince Reil cannot find a land-dweller to be his mate by his twenty-fifth birthday, he will be a dolphin forever. Riel decides it's better to die as half a man than live as all of a fish. He leaves the safety of what he knows for a world he can't imagine.

Caprice is on vacation with her girlfriends. She's been planning this cruise for two years, so when she becomes separated from them, and sees her ship sailing away, she's crushed. As she walks down the beach, watching the sun sink in the horizon, she wonders what she's going to do. Then she sees the hottest blond ever and decides being stranded doesn't mean her time in paradise is ruined.

Just because she missed the boat doesn't mean she's missed the fun.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00