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Surrender Series Book Two

"Submit" takes up where Surrender leaves off. Arianna "Ari" Harlow gives in to Raffaelo "Rafe" Palazzo's demands, but even love for her mother will not allow her to surrender her soul completely. She has a few demands of her own. While spending time in New York City Ari keeps reminding herself there is no future beyond the three month limit of their affair, but her heart does not always listen.

While relaxing in their hotel room Rafe receives a call from his best friend and business associate, Shane, that Rafe's sister Lia is in the hospital after being drugged and attacked at a rave party she went to alone. They rush back to California to find the Lia in the hospital and Shane in jail for assaulting an officer and suspicion of the drugging of and assault on Lia.

The romance continues to unfold between Shane Grayson and Lia Palazzo. Lia has had a crush on Shane for years, but Shane continues to see her as Rafe's little sister. When she finds herself drugged it is Shane she calls for help because she knows he will come without question. Shane has desired Lia for years, but knows he cannot act on that desire and betray Rafe's trust. When she calls him in trouble he drops everything to rescue her. He arrives just as Lia is slugged by her assailant and falls to the ground. Rushing into save her, he knocks out two of the attackers and the other two run when he goes to check on Lia. Speeding to the hospital he worries over Lia and how much longer he can continue to resist the sexual pull between himself and Lia.

This book is a quick moving story with characters you cannot help but fall in love with. There is so much going on that you will be glued to "Submit" until the very end.

I adore Melody Anne's style and believe you to will add her to your favorite author's list. I recommend that you read "Surrender" first so that you can understand the history behind Ari and Rafe's story not to mention the relationship between Shane and Lia as well as the rest of the characters.

Take a moment to check out Ms. Anne's other series while you are there. So many books and so little time. You had better get started now.

Book Blurb for Submit

Arianna Harlow has a choice. Does she choose love or self-respect? Will she give up her freedom and become nothing but a shadow of herself?

This is the exciting sequel to the NYT’s and USA Today best-selling book Surrender. In Submit, Ari faces an impossible ultimatum. She needs to decide whether to accept Raffaelo Palazzo’s indecent proposal and stay at his side as his bought mistress, under his complete control in his world and in his bedroom. Rafe holds the keys to her mother’s happiness, and Ari must choose love for her mother or respect for herself and for the morals her mother instilled in her. You’ll find out that decision in this book and discover the unexpected repercussions of what Ari does choose.

In Surrender, we were also introduced to the dynamic story of Shane Grayson and Lia Palazzo. See where their story leads as the Surrender Series continues.

Watch as two strong, confident women make choices that will affect their lives forever.

Who will submit? Will it be the women or the men?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 5.00