Seduction in Paradise

Paradise #8

Sabrina Hart and her sister, Samantha were kidnapped and held by a group of rogue shifters that used and abused them physically. When they escape they are rescued by Sam's truebond mates. Unable to trust any male after all they had been through, Sabrina runs away from them. She comes across traumatized young twins, Tommy and Timmy.

Shifters, Daniel Mahoney and Luke Wallace have volunteered to guard the gates during Yule time to keep their town, Paradise, Montana hidden from the rest of the world. They arrive at the cabin to find it occupied by a woman and small twin boys. With supplies nearly out, Sabrina and the boys in danger, the men must convince her to let them take them all back to Paradise where they will have help keeping them safe and provide for them. Sabrina does not trust any man, but she cannot deny the attraction she has for the two men who proclaim that she is their truebond mate.

Paradise, Montana is a town I would love to visit. I have lived in small towns most of my life, but I would find it invigorating to partake in the revitalizing of an entire town. Tianna Xander has created Paradise as a modern old western style town and inhabited it with a variety of interesting residents, mostly shifters, but a few trusted humans are allowed to live there too. I wonder if I could get approval. I would not mind finding someone like Daniel and Luke. They are loyal, strong, and caring men of honor. You will definitely sympathize with Sabrina, but also admire her for her strength and capacity to persevere. Her fierce protectiveness of the boys is her key to keep from withdrawing from the world completely.

Pick up a copy today and get drawn into the world of the People of Paradise and the people they love. This book can be read as a standalone and be enjoyed as such.

If you want to know more about Sabrina and Samantha and how it brought Sabrina to the woods around Paradise you may want to read “Another Day in Paradise”. I personally recommend reading the entire series from the beginning in order to see how Paradise and its residents were nearly wiped out and how they began rebuilding and went in search of the lost families of Paradise. Each new book tells you a little something of the whole so that the town and its people become more defined with each new book.

Book Blurb for Seduction in Paradise

Running from the mountains of Virginia and a compound of shifter men, Sabrina Hart finds herself on a northern Montana mountain where she discovers newly orphaned twins. When the cold of a Montana winter sets in, the three find themselves in dire straits until two unlikely saviors arrive. When Luke Wallace and Daniel Mahoney arrive at the gate cabin, they volunteer to guard during Yule, they didn't expect to find their mate huddled in the cold and starving with two small boys. With no way to get the children safely down the mountain, they stay to protect and provide for the unlikely trio. When trouble arrives and the children are stolen from their adoptive mother's loving arms, can the men learn patience and Sabrina learn to trust or will their relationship disappear with the ice and snow during the spring thaw before it even begins?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50