Season's Greetings

A Parish Mail Novella

Christmas is drawing near in New Orleans and Celia, Tilly, Luc, and Donovan are back for a delightful Christmas offering in Kira Snyder's wonderful Parish Mail Series. Luc and Celia found a pile of letters in the hollowed out mailbox in the Bone tree located in the woods behind her grandparents’ home. In the pile she noticed a card in the stack. Pulling it out she sees the date, December 15, 1933. The request is written in a child's hand. The writer wants a Christmas wish granted, to have something she has lost be found, and the card is a clue to the wish. She is sure this is the next mystery she is meant to solve.

Celia's Grandparents are participating in the annual tour of old homes decorated in the manor of bygone eras. Shortly after the tour Jane Macarty, Celia's grandmother notices her art deco broach from the 1930's is missing. The broach is shaped like the star from the Christmas tree on the card. Celia thinks this means there is a coinciding modern day event and begins to investigate. Celia, Tilly, Luc, and Donovan scour many of the rougher parts of New Orleans for clues to the missing broach.

Things move quickly in this short interactive novel by Kira Snyder. I love that as the reader I get to decide what direction the story takes at intervals throughout the story. Unfortunately it also means my curiosity is peaked and I need to return to these points and see where the story might have gone if I chose a different path. This type of story proves the enjoyment you can derive from multiple stories all in one book. Every time you read you can truly have a different perspective.

Season's Greetings is listed as a standalone, but I found many small items that I wanted to understand better or were not explained at all. Main examples are how Luc becomes a part of Celia's life, where the crystal Celia wears came from and how can she talk with Luc using it. There are a few minor things that really do not affect the story but I wanted a more in depth explanation of. For those reasons I went ahead and purchased Dead Letter Office, book 1 and Post Mortem, book 2. I am glad I did, but not just so I could better understand the history of the story, but because I found them absolutely fantastic and hated to see them end. Even with these few minor information problems I found this book one of the best stories I have read so far this year. I cannot wait to read whatever Ms. Snyder has in store for Celia and her friends. I think if you read one of her stories you will feel the same. This is an usual series that will keep you involved from start to finish. Check it out for yourself and you to will be hooked.

Book Blurb for Season's Greetings

Celia Macarty is eager to enjoy her first New Orleans Christmas, but school has barely let out for the holidays when she learns that mystery never takes a vacation. Using the clues on a Christmas card from 1933, Celia must unravel a supernatural riddle that takes her all over festive New Orleans—and deeper into her family’s past. As Christmas Eve draws closer, shady community secrets come to light, and Celia enlists an unlikely ally to set things right.

With the help of her witchy best friend Tilly and a trio of to-die-for suitors, Celia navigates a mystery and, in the process, her heart. Because in the Crescent City, Christmas is a time of enchantment and surprises, and a little romance might be Celia’s best present of all.

Celia’s latest Parish Mail adventure is an active fiction title from Coliloquy. Your reading choices will help Celia solve the crime!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 5.00