Road to Paradise

Paradise #5

Nicola Stone had it all. Fame and stardom as a super model. Her face recognized by millions. Then a madman decided he wanted her for himself and began to hunt her down. Jarrod McCleod and two other Paradise security men found her and her brother and pledged to keep her safe. Her brother returns to Paradise with the other two security men and is acting as a red herring to her stalker. Jarrod is staying with her until his two blood brothers, Anthony Petrelli and Kameron Barrington, arrive to help him bring their truebond mate home to the safety of Paradise. Is any place safe though? Time again the killers henchmen find them again and again. Can the men continue to keep her safe or will the time come and they are too late and Sabbat Killer will have his sacrifice?

The fifth installment of Tianna Xander's series starts off with a bang. She has given us a story filled with suspense and drama. She has created a whole town for our enjoyment filled with characters so well developed that you will imagine you have met them somewhere before. You could read "Road to Paradise" with very little trouble as a standalone, but to understand the storyline outside the romance plot you will want to read the series from the very beginning, starting with "A Stranger in Paradise".

I fell in love with the premise of the clan trying to rebuild its town following a great upheaval. They have remove a deceased leadership and restored the people to the way they were meant to be. I was overjoyed to find a second plot running through the books as well. I have always enjoyed reading books that are a part of a series, because it felt like I was returning to visit old friends and to catch up on the news of what was going on in their lives with each new book. The Paradise series is no different. Each book has a different story to tell, but also gives you a chance to visit friends from previous books as well. Pick up a copy of Paradise today and join me for a while. I’m enjoying visiting this charming town and the friendly people that live there.

Book Blurb for Road to Paradise

Nicola Stone gives up her career as the nation's most sought after super model when she senses a malevolent force stalking her at a party in New York. When everything inside her urges her to flee, she runs not to her high-rise penthouse but back to her childhood home. Danger is never far behind until she meets the intense Jarrod McCleod who vows to do whatever he must to protect her. When Jarrod McCleod sets out to search for the next Sabbat Slayer's target, he has no idea he's about to meet his long awaited mate. After sending Niki's brother and the two men who accompanied him to lay a false trail, Jarrod calls in his two best friends to escort them to safety. Bound by blood, the three men hope to convince Niki they are meant to be together. Will heartache and danger plague them all or will the four form a truebond set to withstand the obstacles they all encounter on the road to Paradise?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50