Return to Paradise

Paradise #3

Gemma Alexander is busy preparing the lodge for Christmas. It seems she never had enough time to do all that is needed. She is exhausted all the time. Merrick Hunter and Mattius Stewart are coming home to Paradise ten years after they left. They are coming home to get Gemma, so she can finally choose one of them as a mate. This time if she chooses neither of them they will leave and never return. Gemma may hold their hearts, but they need to resolve this before it destroys them and their friendship.

Gemma suffered more than Matt and Merrick could have ever guessed when they left her behind, both mentally and physically. Can she trust them or will they leave her broken again, ever more than last time? Can she let them get close to her once more? How can she choose when she loves them both? Can Merrick accept a truebond? When danger comes can the men save Gemma before it is too late and they all loose?

Christmas may have arrived in Paradise, but it is definitely not a time of peace. Emotions are running the gamut of everything from mild interest to passion burning bright. Murder and mayhem run throughout the town even as Paradise continues to grow.

You will not want to put "Return to Paradise” down for a moment. Tianna Xander has written a story with a fascinating plot filled with intrigue and danger. The passion will have you diving into an ice bucket to cool down. Not to mention readers have a whole platoon of sexy men to drool over. The descriptions of both the town and the residents that live there are realistic. You will imagine you have met them while visiting Paradise before.

This is the third book in the Paradise series and can be read as a standalone. Yet as a personal preference I recommend you read the series from the beginning in order to understand the overall storyline. You will get the characters interactions and how they fit into the town infrastructure. Tianna Xander has created a world shared by humans and shifters that live in peace together. Pick up a copy for yourself to enjoy. You might just end up getting a copy for a friend as well. This is a series you will be reading and sharing again and again.

Book Blurb for Return to Paradise

“Isn’t Christmas supposed to be fun?” That’s the one thing Gemma Alexander keeps asking herself as she sets up the lodge Christmas tree. She expects a lot of business with everyone in the Paradise clan returning home for the holidays. She didn’t expect two of her old high school sweethearts to show up, ready to renew an old acquaintance. Instead of fighting each other, the two feline shifters, Merrick Hunter and Mattius Stewart, have grown up. After coming to terms with the fact that they both love the same woman, they return to Paradise and their cat shifter heritage determined to let Gemma choose between them. After their return, they find out about the Truebond. With the Truebond, three can mate as one. Can the two men overcome their need to keep Gemma to themselves and convince her to accept them both? Find out in Return to Paradise.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50