Mixed Breeds, #1

Enjoy this spicy romp as a fiery fox and a gentile coyote help to heal a broken hearted wolf. Outfoxed will have you turning the pages and looking for the next book.

Jason Tyson has not had much luck in the love department lately. Amy was killed by a demon killer and Stephen flounced off like a drama queen. Now his two friends have decided he needs someone new in his life. Telling them he is giving up on romantic entanglements he leaves them to conspire against someone else for a change.

Scott Alverez doesn't do blind dates. So what is he doing in this bar waiting to meet some stranger? Then he hears a sultry voice ask, "Are you Jason?" Scott turns to find a sultry well-built redhead and reluctantly tells her no. He invites her to sit and they find they are meet the same guy.

Jason cannot believe he is here for a blind date no less. Did they not listen when he told them no thanks? Well he'll meet this person, have dinner and leave. No harm, no foul. Then he the waiter leads him to a table with two people waiting. Someone was going to die for this, Scott thought. After introducing themselves each offers to leave so the other two can enjoy the date. But Jason has enjoyed meeting them both. Why can’t they have a nice time eating and conversing with no expectations? It’s just a meeting of friends with no pressure like on a regular date.

Outfoxed is the meeting of three people for the first time. The question is asked, can they become more than friends? Maybe together they can become one unit and find that elusive thing called love. Readers will be reading along and enjoying themselves as they find out how this all plays out.

I enjoyed finding out where this strange meeting led.

Book Blurb for Outfoxed

Werewolf Jason is pretty sure he doesn't want to open his heart again to anyone, male or female. His last male lover left him in a cloud of drama, and his last best girl was taken out by demon hunters. So, when his friends set him up on a blind date, he doesn't even want to go, let alone deal with the mix-up when two people show up.

Coyote shifter Scott thinks it's a great idea, though, and he's willing to put his head together with foxy lady Rita to help Jason loosen up, even if it might put them all in danger.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00