Out Of The Smoke

Liz Parker, formerly Beth Martin escaped an abusive husband when the towers were attracted on 9/11. No one knew she was out of the office getting coffee…so she kept walking, all the way to Minnesotta. She sold her earing that her mother left her. She began her new life with a new name and $2000. Unable to use her real ID, she begins a cleaning service where she can be paid cash and save as much as possible to move on. Alan McCarthy is in the process of opening his law office in his home. Although he is not OCD on cleanliness, he does not consider himself a slob either. His friends talk him into hiring a cleaning service, which is how he comes to meet the beautiful Liz Parker.

After mocking his friends for how fast they fell from the eligible bachelor list Alan could not believe the instantaneous attraction he felt for the diminutive Liz. He soon finds Liz a conundrum. She is very intelligent, talented and educated. Not to mention she flinches when he raises his voice or gets too close. Who hurt this pixie like woman? What is she running from? When an on the job injury has the medical staff calling the police on him, Alan knows it is time to get some answers and keep Liz from running right out of his life.

From the very start I could not put this book down. The description of the reaction from those involved in 9/11 was extremely realistic and believable. One can easily imagine someone using the confusion and panic surrounding the event as a cover for disappearing from the horror that they live in daily. Becca Jameson keeps your emotions running right along with Liz's. The fear and trepidation of hiding out from someone you fear most is poignant. You feel her pain and emotions toward the man she gave her heart to only to receive degradation and pain in return. Never knowing when he could decide she didn't die in the attack and come after her. She is always looking over her shoulder and getting close to anyone.

You will not put this book down till the very end. Readers will wish it kept going, not because it is missing something, but because it’s just that good. Ms. Jameson is an expert at the many twists and turns a story can take to keep your interest. This one is one of her best.

Thank you for a wonderful read that we can all relate with through the events of 9/11. It was a historic event and one we can remember exactly what was going on in our lives when it happened and the horror and numbness we felt as we watched our world change forever. Get your copy to enjoy it for yourself today.

Overall Rating: Excellent

Book Blurb for Out Of The Smoke

Elizabeth Martin has endured an abusive marriage. In a twist of fate, she stands on a New York City street staring in horror as her office collapses on 9/11. Urged away from the devastation and unable to receive cell service to call her husband, Beth takes the opportunity to run from her life of terror and sequesters herself in Minneapolis, quietly working as a cleaning lady.

Alan McCarthy has just opened his own law office at home and seeks out a cleaning service. Aggravated with the women he’s been seeing, interested only in spending his money and running his life, he has sworn off dating.

Liz and Alan are not prepared for the immediate sexual chemistry between them. While they test the waters and Liz opens up about her past, another saga is brewing. A woman is found dead under a bridge with Liz’s once discarded purse. Her ex-husband is summoned to identify the body of his wife whom he presumed dead on 9/11. Enraged, he silently vows to hunt down his estranged wife and kill her.

As the plot thickens, Alan races against the clock to save the woman he loves.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 5.00