Naked in Paradise

Paradise #7

Angel Reese is out on a routine training run when she’s kidnapped, held naked, allowed no food and told she is to be sacrificed on the next Sabbat. She manages to escape but runs straight into the rock hard chest of a man in the middle the woods. She promptly faints.

Mace Goodman and Derek Hunter have been sent to keep a watch on the veil between the human world and Paradise. They are to keep the wards up and strengthened. When a woman runs into him Mace is shocked. He carries her to the cabin to care for her wounds. He needs to get her body warmed up from the cold and frigid elements. It does not take long for the men to realize that Angel is there truebond mate.

They try to gain her trust and still hurry to get her off the mountain and away from then men who are trying to get her back as the Sabbat approaches. Will the kidnappers succeed? Will the men keep their mate safe? Will Angel ever trust her saviors enough to accept them as her mates? Will the fates decree the truebond broken and that Angel must forfeit her life and those of her mates?

I am so happy to see that this series has kept its consistency of a truly dramatic suspenseful romance. It is so well written that you can feel the cold wind biting into you as it rolls off the water. The characters are described in such detail, both physically and personality wise. You will feel you have met them before. There is a constant flow of climatic events taking place. You never want to put the book down.

You may have some problems with not knowing everything that happened in the previous stories if you plan to read this as a standalone. It can be done, but there are some references to previous book events that leave you with a few questions. The good news is all the books leading up to this point are well done and are as great to read as "Naked in Paradise". So it is no hardship to read them as well.

The climactic scene in the woods is bone chilling and will leave you with goose bumps and wondering where the series will go next. I know I do and am looking forward to finding out. Pick up a copy for your reading pleasure.

Book Blurb for Naked in Paradise

Angel Reese found escaping her captors easy. What she found hard was running through the forest naked and vulnerable as the moment she was born. Mace Goodman and Derek Hunter didn't really mind caring for the woman they found running naked through Paradise. In fact, they were shocked to find she was their much anticipated mate. What they did mind, was reading the less than flattering thoughts she had of them. Can the three learn to trust one another or will they all succumb to the mating heat of the el calor?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50