Memories of Paradise

Paradise #13

Kelly "Rianna" O'Conner has taken her daughter and run, from what, she is not sure, but she felt endangered so she packed and stored everything and climbed on this plane looking for somewhere safe. Unfortunately the very plane that was taking them to safety is about to crash on a mountain and she and her daughter could die there. One of her biggest regrets is that she will never know who she is and if her dreams are real. Clay and Gunter were on the mountain collecting dead wood for firewood when they heard a plane going down nearby. They rush to where they think it fell and hope there might be survivors. Imagine their surprise when they find three and one of them is their mate.

Then Rianna finds her imagined terror is real and has followed her. Just as she is about to find all the answers she has searched for for the last sixteen years she could lose everything, including her mates and her life. Is there no place on Earth where she and her daughter can be safe?

If you have never read Tianna Xander, then "Memories In Paradise" is a great place to start. There is suspense, danger to life, and more frighteningly to the heart, and a romance that will melt you into a puddle. Our two heroes are strong and protective yet can be tender and gentle as well. Rianna is a woman who has wanted to learn about her past even as she fears what she find. The attraction between these three burns off the page. There is so much going on in this book that you will not want to put it down.

I found "Memories Of Paradise" to be an easy stand-alone read even if it is the thirteenth book in the series. I do recommend reading the series from the beginning to get the full history of the town and its residents.

Tianna Xander is a very talented author who appeals to the romantic in us as well as the adventurer. Pick up a copy today and find out why everyone wants to move to Paradise. Hurry, because the town is returning to its former glory fast.

Book Blurb for Memories of Paradise

When Riana’s plane crashes in the mountains of Montana, she doesn’t expect to get rescued by two gorgeous men who sweep both her and her daughter off their feet…literally. Though she’d planned to move to a big city, Paradise has everything she could possibly need to make her new business thrive—spring water, plenty of sunshine to grow the herbs needed for her potions and most of all, kindness. Plagued by strange dreams as long as she can remember, Riana can now put a name to the town she dreams about so often.

Gunter and Clay don’t take many things seriously until they meet the beauty who they rescue from a plane crash. What’s not to like when they meet the beautiful Riana? She’s their mate. However, they find they don’t like the fact that she’s new to the town, wary and suffering from something she refuses to talk about. Can their love and understanding heal her and keep her in Paradise or will she run yet again?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50