Marrying Mari

Gabriel Pryor and Ethan Stone, gorgeous, wealthy and direct descendants of the original members of "The Colony". The Colony is a secret closed society dating back over 400 years. Ethan and Gabe had made an agreement with the Colony Trustees when they had first started to work in New York after leaving the University. The agreement is about to come to fruition requiring the two friends to either find a colony born wife or forfeit their businesses and move back into the colony and marry a woman of the Trustee's choosing. Ethan and Gabriel have even hired a private investigator to search out possible mates. After weeks of searching and dozens of rejections for one reason or another, Mr. Okuni has one more prospect to present to them. Then he gives them an envelope with pictures...and a loop hole in the colony by-laws.

Mariella "Mari" Amorini works as a bike messenger to save money to continue her classes for med school. She is rushing all over New York delivering the packages so she can call it a day when she suddenly gets a call from her boss telling her that he has received a special request for her and her only to pick up a package and deliver it immediately. A bonus is in the offering for Mari if she gets over to the top floor of the Colony Bank right now. Mari hops back on her bike and rides. Gabriel and Ethan both are drawn to the woman in the pictures and they want to see what she looks like without the sunglasses and helmet. When Mari arrives she finds not only is she going to the top floor she is to see the top dog of the bank. They basically creep her out when she retrieves the envelope to be delivered. Then they ask her to remove the helmet and glasses so they can see what she looks like. After all they want to see who they are entrusting with their important papers. She takes the envelope, her bonus and leaves.

After delivering the manila envelope to the club Crave Mari opens the envelope. Along with a $1000.00 bonus is a card. The card includes Ethan's address and business / personal phone numbers. She is told to call anytime. Furious she wonders if she is involved with something illegal. Did the two men think they might buy her as well as her messenger services? She calls Ethan and tells him she wants to see him immediately. He tells her to meet him at the restaurant Insatiable. Ethan then calls Gabriel and tells him they are on and where they are meeting Mari. Tonight they need to convince her to accept them as a mating triad. If they can get her in their home they know they can make her want to stay.

I found Marrying Mari very well done the three main characters are strong enough in their own right that they do not loose themselves in the personalities of the other two. The concept of a society that has thrived yet remained sequestered from outsiders for over 400 years intrigues me. I liked most of the characters, but there were a few I wanted just slap silly. Definitely Gabe's parents, evil people. But also Ethan's parents as well come to fall under the not so crazy about theme. At first you’re not too sure about one but the other seems okay type scenario. Then you find out they are both stuck in the past and the rituals and traditions that go with it. I liked the idea that change does not have to be a bad thing, but you have to be willing to risk everything to bring it about.

Ms. Snow has provided a novel with a wide variety of characters. They have such different personalities. You get to pick and choose your favorites. She keeps your emotions on a roller coaster, but in a good way in that you are never bored with the story. You seem to blend into the story itself as you try to figure out ways for the main characters to find a happily ever after only to discover Elysse Snow had the best way already planned out. You will travel along with Mari as she ventures into a world few will ever know. Ms. Snow brings it all to life for you. You will feel you are right there. I enjoyed every page and would like to know what becomes of Ethan's brother, sister, Mari's mother, Ethan's parents and what the future holds for Ethan, Hunter and Mari. Please do not let this be the only book about the society, Ms. Snow. There is still so much to learn.

Book Blurb for Marrying Mari

She is the one woman they both need. If they can catch her.

Ethan Stone and Gabriel Pryor are successful, wealthy, handsome—and single. But not for long. As Colony descendants, they are required to form a mated triad with a woman with Colony bloodlines—or they’ll be forced to do the unthinkable. Move back inside the community’s walls and accept whomever the elders choose.

When their hired P.I. comes through with a candidate, they’re both relieved—and in a rush to close the deal. Except their chosen lady’s bloodline comes with a streak of independence as quicksilver fast as her bike messenger pedals.

Ordinarily, a big tip and amorous note wouldn’t impress Mariella Amorini, but there’s something that draws her to the two men she can’t explain. The shocking truth of her heritage sends her reeling—straight into the safe harbor of Ethan and Gabriel’s bed.

The sense of belonging is warm, and the sex is hot, but as more truths become entangled with lies, it’s clear someone from The Colony isn’t the least bit interested in the threesome’s long-term happiness. And it’ll take revealing their deepest vulnerabilities to forge a bond strong enough to endure the test.

Warning: Two alpha males looking for their mate. One sassy bike messenger who’s not entirely certain she fits the description. Seduction tactics include wine, dessert, Cary Grant movies, heartfelt confession, laughter, kissing, and sex. Lots of really hot sex.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 5.00