Lost in Paradise

Paradise #15

Stacia Naylor went on a group camping trip to relax and enjoy herself. Instead she found herself being tortured with inexperienced campers and a pampered girlfriend of a rich man who whined and complained about everything. After setting up her tent Stacia went to gather wood for a fire. Then she hears the screams from camp and another sound she remembers well. It’s the sound of an enraged grizzly and it heads towards her. Noah Gibb and Ronan Baldwin are assigned guard duty at the line cabin during the Eostre Sabbot. They are taking a break playing in the river. They stumble over a nearly drowned woman and call for help from Paradise. Then the Grizzly comes after Stacia again.

Tianna Xander once again provides a story with bold and brash characters that draw the reader into the story. She tells the story with humor and witty dialog. This fast moving storyline keeps you on your toes. The answer as to why the grizzly is after her is finally answered at the end as well as questions about who is Stacia eventually gets mated to. But will she accept them? This is the fifteenth book in the series, but it can be read as a standalone book.

I also recommend that you read the entire series to get the full background story of the town and all the people who live there. Find out why the town nearly died? Learn why the town is hidden and how it began to rebuild. I am still waiting to find out what is happening to the statues. Who are Mel's mates? What is Sarah's story and who do I see to ask if I might find a home there. Pick up a copy today to find out why the Paradise series is so popular!

Book Blurb for Lost in Paradise

When Stacia sets out on a camping trip with her hiking group, she thought spending two weeks with people she didn’t know or like very well would be the worst of her problems. How could she have known that two bears would charge their camp and attack her companions?

The Eostre sabbat grows near as best friends, Ronan and Noah, are spending the holiday in a line cabin on the outskirts of Paradise. Someone has to do it and everyone gets a turn to guard the gateways through the veil at one time or another. It’s a relaxing, albeit boring duty…until, desperate to blow off some steam, they shift into their jaguars and a beautiful brunette finds them playing in the river.

Is Stacia really their mate? If so, can Ronan and Noah convince her of that fact before they all go mad with the mating heat?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50