I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia

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I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia

An Amanda Pepper Mystery, #3

Amanda, an English teacher at a local prep school, is thrilled when two of her students actually come to speak with her about the Bard's Taming of the Shrew and his portrayal of women's place in society. She is excited that they had actually paid enough attention in class to not just remember the subject matter, but to question it. Later while sorting books donated to the school's flea market fundraiser she finds a book about battered women and considers purchasing it to give to the two girls to use as research for their papers. Yet as she looks more closely through the book she begins to notice the neat, legible remarks in the margin and her heart grows cold as she realizes someone is living in fear of being killed by her abuser. Or is she already dead. Amanda begins to wonder who she might be. Could she even be one of the students with whom she spoke to just a short time ago? Amanda begins searching for the owner of the book before it is too late.

This is the third book in the Amanda Pepper series and it’s a delightful must read. In the latest offering Ms. Roberts takes on the often invisible crime of spousal abuse. She points out how so many ignore the concept as though if we do not acknowledge the subject it is not real, but the statistics listed in her book shames me to know I did not know it was so prevalent. On a lighter side you have Mandy's mother pushing her toward marriage every which way she can. As a former teacher myself I sympathize with the apathy Mandy encounters from her students, but applaud her continued efforts to encourage her student’s involvement. I started the story intending to skim the story before I read it completely later that night. Instead I ignored everything around me. I was over half way through before I even looked up from my reading and was surprised to find so much time had passed.

You too will find the book captivating. Pick up a copy today for your reading enjoyment. If you have not read any of the series yet, do not feel bad. I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia can be read as a standalone story. As can the others in the series, but if you are like me you may want to read the books in order starting with Caught Dead In Philadelphia followed by Philly Stakes. Any of the series is bound to be a winner so join me as I fall into book 4, With Friends Like These. What will Amanda Pepper get into next? Is there hope for Mandy and Mackenzie? Will Mrs. Pepper ever learn subtlety? Is Sasha ever going to find Mr. Right? And what does the C K in Mackenzie's name stand for? I guess I will have to move on and hope to find out as I read more of the series.

Book Blurb for I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia

Book three in the Anthony Award-winning mystery series featuring Amanda Pepper, the resourceful English teacher at Philly Prep. Available for the first time in ebook format!

Amanda is sorting books for a school fundraiser, when she comes across a book for battered women that contains a special and frightening message from its original, anonymous owner. Desperate to learn who donated the books, Amanda's search leads her to deliberate brutality and its cold-blooded consequences.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50