Hurts So Good

The Fighters of Absinthe, #3

Jenika Snow's world of The Absinthe Fighters is filled with men with pasts that haunt them and a burning need to fight in the underground fight clubs. They train for hours never expecting that they will find a women that will complete them and bring them peace. Such is the basis of Hurt's So Good. Mack Draycovich and Jane Reynolds fell into love in high school. Each knowing it was a love that would never fade. With the future bright they give into their desires and are later torn apart by the death of Mack's parents. It is over ten years before they meet again, only to find that their love and desires are as strong as ever. Yet old wounds are still bleeding and trust destroyed is hard to rebuild.

Ms. Snow is a wonderful writer with a mind that that develops strong characters, both men and women. They are made more human with the pains they have endured and their willingness to persevere in spite of them. She gives a background on which there romances are built and become believable. Her love scenes are bold and scorching, but not written just to appeal to the readers need for sex. They may not always be tender, but they are true.

With Hurt's So Bad, Jenika Snow has out done herself. There is something special about this story. I believe it is the history the two shared and the survival of a true love over time and distance.

Even though this is the third in a series of books, it can be read as a standalone. I on the other hand suggest reading the series from the beginning, just so you can better understand all the character interactions fully. Not to mention the other books are great reads as well. I cannot wait to see where Ms. Snow will go next in this series.

If you are looking for a new author or have not read her books lately, check them out and find out why her stories remain so popular no matter what series you are reading. Each series is different, but all are done with a style and talent that you will appreciate.

Book Blurb for Hurts So Good

After Mack Draycovich's parents died, he pushed away everyone, including Jane, the girl he loved. He turned to alcohol, drugs, and back alley fighting to ease the pain he felt inside. It wasn't until a retired MMA fighter took him in and helped him channel all of his aggression into something productive that things began to change. Ten years later and Mack has his life back, but he has never forgotten about Jane or what she means to him.

Jane Reynolds left the man she loved when he turned his back on her for the chemical kind of comfort. Years have passed and she is back in the town of Absinthe. But when she sees Mack fighting brutally in an abandoned warehouse and her love for him rises violently to the surface.

But Jane has someone in her life. Can Mack show her he is worthy of her love before she commits herself to another?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 5.00