How (Not) to Kiss a Prince

Cindy Eller #2

This second book in the “How NOT To” series takes place a few months after book 1 How (Not) To Kiss A Toad leaves off. The pressure of the storefront bakery and keeping the food truck stocked and still making deliveries to old customers is getting to the boiling point. With the wedding of Amy and Nathan and the one for Rose and Rob coming ever closer Cindy is not sure she can get it all together enough to pull the weddings off. With Amy, a werewolf, demanding perfection, bling and huge quantities of various sweets Cindy fears what Amy will do if she fails to provide the Bridal Shower and Wedding Banquet Amy has envisioned. After all not many people would be able to construct a 13 layer wedding cake, but then again not all bakers are a witch with faerie fathers. With orders growing every day Cindy accepts she needs to hire a second baker. As if an answer to her prayers, in walks Sumac "Sue" Rhus. A perky petite young woman in need of a job. After giving her a try Cindy finds she is a retired Cupid, but also she is a fantastic baker.

Cindy is still having problems with her magic and has been ordered by the magical council to continue to let her stepfather Stephen, her mother's twelfth husband, tutor her in magic. Her sister Rose is planning her beach wedding and is trusting Cindy to pull off a cake and desserts for a multitude of the magical community. In the midst of this madness her mother calls to tell her she need to warn her of something and the call is disconnected. Cindy is unable to get through to her mother to find out what is wrong when Rose calls and tells Cindy it is all her fault and that the wedding is off. Then an extremely handsome man walks into the bakery and announces he is the betrothed of one Cindy.

Apparently Cindy's mother made and agreement before Cindy was born that her first born daughter, Cindy would marry Prince Justice Courage Phillippe Jacobo Thyme the Third, Prince of the Middle Lands. Since Cindy's younger sister Rose is about to marry and magic tradition required the eldest sister to marry first Cindy has less than two weeks to marry the Prince. Goldie Locke, another sister is a lawyer specializing in magical law cannot seem to find a loop hole. With time running out Cindy may have to give up her true love Timothy and marry Justin. The poor girl just cannot get a break!

This is a lively series that will keep you in stiches. Those from the Middle Lands are not supposed to enter our realm, although it seems they do all the time. Justin reads an old bodice ripper book about a pirate and a maiden. It’s how he finds out how to romance Cindy. That was one of my favorite parts of the book. The author has given us a wonderful cast of characters for us to fall in love as well as a diverse range of species to pick our favorites from. Cindy continues to have problems with her new found father that reminds me of the old saying of a bull in a china shop. He wants to know his daughter and only the best suitor is good enough.

So many things going on at once would make the head of anyone to spin, but I must say Ms. Reeves takes us on a wild ride as Cindy tries to wiggle out of the contract that cannot be broken without the forfeit of her mother's life. Wait till you go to the Werewolf Bridal Shower, it is an experience you will never forget. Justin is so sweet that I would gladly take Cindy's place in the wedding party. Yes, this book can be read as a standalone, but it is even better if you read the series starting with the Prequel novella, How (Not) To Play With Magic, followed by How (Not) To Kiss A Toad. Luckily for those of you who have not read any of this series before, book 3 (How) Not To Kiss A Beast is also available. Not so lucky for me as I have now read all the books available so far and must suffer until a new one comes out. Read this series for the fun and laughter to be found within the pages and then you can wait forlornly until Ms. Reeves manages to take pity on us and publish the next in the series.

If you can't wait, be sure to pick up Goldie's series, Goldie Locke and the Were Bears. Goldie's story is on a different scene than Cindy's. She works as a lawyer in the magical community, but her main focus is the rescue of and being the advocate for endangered magical creatures. Although they are different, the series has humor, a touch of danger, and of course a romance in the offering. Enjoy the talents of Elizabeth Reeves. You will not be sorry of the time well spent.

Book Blurb for How (Not) to Kiss a Prince

Let the Magical Mayhem begin! Cindy Eller has not one, but two weddings to prepare for in less than two weeks when the cupcakes hit the fan-- a mysterious man has appeared claiming to be betrothed to Cindy and insisting she must marry him before her sister's nuptials can take place.

Obviously this doesn't sit well with Cindy's Ordinary boyfriend.

That's the way the cake-- and the wedding-- crumbles!

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 5.00