How (Not) to Kiss a Beast

Cindy Eller #3

With the departure of Sue and the resolve of the weddings Cindy thinks she can finally get back to normal. The poor thing is so delusional. She has so much on her plate from needing to hire help for the bakery and the food truck not to mention the need for a new roommate now the Tansy is gone. Cindy lets Jessie handle it. Although Cindy is not so sure that is such a good idea when Jessie talks her into doing publicity photos for the bakery. Her twin sisters show up looking for jobs and Cindy is pleasantly surprised they are quick to learn and are making very talented bakers; then her sister, Iris, drops out of the architectural program and asks for a job when Cindy offers her the open room with her and Jessie.

Then Jessie talks her into competing in a cupcake competition and Cindy finds out her father has kidnapped Timothy and done something to him because he does not approve of Cindy having an Ordinary for a boyfriend. Life just keeps getting better and better. Enemies of her father are out to use her for revenge against him, a missing boyfriend, and a rash of pregnancies, what else could go wrong. When it comes to Cindy Eller, there is not telling.

This is a great read. One I enjoyed so very much. If I had not figured out about Timothy from nearly the beginning of the book I would have given it a five. The long line of suitors father sends is hilarious, but the ending will make you cry and laugh, and your heart to sigh. Thank you Ms. Reeves, you have done it again. The book moves so smoothly and quickly I felt I was through it just about the time I turned the last page. I so did not want it to end and cannot wait for your next one in the series.

If you have not read Ms. Reeves books before you are in for a treat. Each book can be read as a standalone, but I would recommend getting them all and starting with the short novella How (Not) To Play with Magic and going from there. Don't forget Elizabeth Reeves also has a series out with Goldie Locke, Cindy's sister. Slightly different, but no less pleasurable.

Book Blurb for How (Not) to Kiss a Beast

Cindy's Ordinary boyfriend is missing and nobody seems to know where he is gone. Cindy is convinced that something horrible has happened to him, but every attempt she has made to find him--Magical or otherwise--has offered no explanation.

Then she learns that her mysterious father is behind it all.

How can she fight against powers she doesn't even understand--especially when her own Magic is acting up worse than ever before?

And what will she do when enemies of her father start coming out of the woodwork?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50