Helen Hath No Fury

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Helen Hath No Fury

An Amanda Pepper Mystery, #10

Once again, English teacher, Amanda Pepper is pulled into her students’ lives when one comes to her with a secret that she is afraid her parents will disown her over. Not to mention worries over the suicide of a fellow book club member that might not have been a suicide. Her boyfriend and his irritating anti-marriage views are starting to rub her raw. Then things begin to snowball when the book club members meet with more violence. Suicide, accident or murder Mandy is determined to find out which and if necessary find the killer as well.

Mandy reminds me so much of when I was teaching and I love the quick wit and fast pace Ms. Roberts uses with her books. You never feel the book is sluggish or that the story is too wordy in places. Instead you look forward to watching teacher/sleuth Amanda Pepper try to juggle her personal life and professional one without crossing the line into the unbelievable. She is a compassionate teacher that we all wanted to be, but she like most teachers reach a point where we question our career choices. We wonder why we did not go into a more fulfilling career like a latrine digger. Then there are the days we would not change careers for a million dollars - tax free. To keep life interesting poor Mandy is constantly being pulled into a mystery of some kind. The long standing question of Mackenzie's name is answered as is where is his relationship with Ms. Pepper headed. Not to mention Mandy finally gets the goods on Ms. Helga, the school office gorgon. Pick up a copy today, but do not hold out hope of getting any rest tonight until you finish because you will not want to put it down.

Book Blurb for Helen Hath No Fury

In the stately nineteenth-century homes on Philadelphia’s Delancey Street, the wilder passions scarcely ruffle the peace. Murder is unthinkable, particularly a murder involving an upscale book discussion group, of which schoolteacher Amanda Pepper is a devoted member. Nevertheless, on the day after a heated discussion of a fictional heroine’s suicide, book group member Helen Coulter falls to her death from her roof garden. Helen’s death is declared a suicide but Amanda is convinced otherwise. Why is this admirable woman dead? And if she was killed, who performed the heinous act? Amanda’s investigations will draw her into a zone of great danger, where Helen Coulter’s ice-hearted killer is once more ready to strike. . . .

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50