Hart's Destiny

This is a short story, but full of danger and romance, three romances to be exact. I started this story expecting an easy read that I could breeze through and instead found I needed to slow down to make sure I missed nothing. Ms. Adkins offers us full bodied and well-rounded characters. The main couple are strong and self-willed, each must learn how to compromise or everyone will be lost. You find yourself thinking to yourself "I want someone like Jackson or even Michael.” Werewolf or not they embody what many are looking for in a lifetime partner. The ending is a little twisted from what you are expecting so that you are pleasantly surprised. Although offered as a single standalone story, I hope Kimberly Adkins will write a follow-up story or even a series based on the Hart clan. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next Ms. Adkins.

Readers, I enjoyed this story very much and hope you will too.

Book Blurb for Hart's Destiny

A deadly inheritance born of passion ...

Jessica's return to her small hometown is about to get hairy. A chance encounter with Jackson Hart in the days before her friend's wedding seems coincidental-until she stumbles upon the Hart family's mysterious ties to the bride. Coincidence and fate may prove one and the same as Jessica struggles to protect her heart from Jackson and her friends' lives from unbelievable danger.

... and a secret taken to the grave.

Leader of a prominent wolf-shifter clan, Jackson was thrust into power under the most mysterious of circumstances. His rule tenuous, father dead, and brother estranged, he can't risk revealing family secrets to a beautiful stranger. He can't remember a time when he'd lost control of his desires-the only thing more deadly would be losing control of his clan to the enemy Dark Breed ...

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.50