Halloween in Paradise

Paradise #14

Gabriella Robinson has been in Paradise for the last six months after the plane she was traveling in crashed on the mountain on which the town sits. She would do anything to protect these people and the secrets they keep. Vincent Rouchue & Corbin Lyon are from Caspian Cascade, Oregon. The have come to Paradise, not knowing it too, is a shifter town. They are amazed to find their mate sitting in a diner. Gabby had hoped that she might find true bondmates in Paradise, but never knew she would be required to leave the town she has come to call home if she accepts them. Time is running out for Corbin and Vincent now that the mating heat has begun. Can they convince Gabby to accept them as her mates before El Calor drives them mad and they must be put down for the crazed animals they will become?

This is the Fourteenth book in the 'Paradise' series. The newest character I found most interesting was Gabby. She has spent a lifetime learning to be self-sufficient and trusting no one. She came to destroy Paradise and those who live there. Instead she learns love, honor, friendship and trust. Each powerful in their own right, but together they made her strong and independent. She, Vincent, Corbin, all exhibit qualities we admire and look for in our friends and potential lifemates. Visit Paradise soon, or you may lose out on making some excellent acquaintances. Ms. Xander also introduces us to a whole new town of potential mates to be found in Oregon.

"Halloween In Paradise" can be read as a stand-alone, but if you have not read any of the previous books in the series, you may want to read it from the beginning to understand exactly how far the people of Paradise have come in rebuilding their town. Learn about the atrocities that took place which made the residents of Paradise revolt against the corrupt and diseased council that came before.

Book Blurb for Halloween in Paradise

When Gabriella decides to stay in Paradise after her plane crashes, she didn’t expect to fall in love with one man, let alone two. Now that she’s established herself as the local loony writer, can she stop herself from dreaming up plots with herself as the heroine and her two hotties as the heroes in her own hot romance?

Vincent and Corbin first arrive in Paradise a week before Halloween. They can’t believe they found not only a town full of shifters, but their long-awaited mate. Can they convince the beautiful and talented woman to claim them and leave her new home in Paradise?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50