Gone And Done It

Dreamwalker Series #1

Landscaper Baxley Powell is a twenty-eight year old woman. She is raising Larissa, her ten year old daughter, alone. The military declared her husband dead. That is something she did not agree with. Yet they withheld his benefits because there was no body. She worked a variety of jobs to provide for them. Today she is planting a weeping cherry tree. She manages to find a human skull where she was to plant the tree. She attempts to use her dreamwalking skills to try and identify the body and an over-zealous deputy tasers her. You would think things could only go up from there, but you would be wrong. Her father pushes her to take his place as the official County Dreamwalker and more bodies come to light and the sheriff is beginning to look at her as a likely suspect.

Gone And Done It is a lively book that moves at a very fast pace. I could not put it down, but found myself constantly wondering about references to previous incidences. I even went on an Internet search and found a list of all of Ms. Toussaint's books. Baxley Powell was not part of them and this is the first book in the series. These references distracted me a bit, but I was still able to enjoy this book. I just wish there had been a prequel to explain more about these events and how they affected the heroine and her abilities. If and when a prequel is written l will be first in line to purchase it or any other books she might write about Baxley and her life.

Dreamwalking has long been a part of the Native American culture. Shamans often dreamwalked as did young braves when they were sent on their journey to become warriors. The concept has always had a fascination for me and I enjoyed reading how Baxley uses her dreamwalking to bring peace to the dead and those that grieve when they are left behind to pick up the pieces of their lives and get on with their lives. You will be clamoring for more by the end of the book, just as I was. Pick up a copy today and help Baxley unravel the mystery.


1. A lucid dreamer (person able to take control of or actively determine the path of their own dreams).

2. Person who appears frequently in or who vividly haunts your dreams, usually in a positive way.

3. Native American who gleans information from the dream world.

4. One who experiences a type of out-of-body experience, akin to astral projection.

5. The Second Life (virtual world) experience at its best.

At two opposite ends of the sleep spectrum are those who claim to never dream and Dreamwalkers whose dreams rival or exceed waking life.

Book Blurb for Gone And Done It

While planting a cherry tree, landscaper Baxley Powell's shovel strikes something solid. Intrigued, she clears the sand away and reveals a human skull. After calling the sheriff, Baxley use her dreamwalking abilities to get a jump-start on identifying the victim.

The deputies arrive to secure the scene. They believe she's tampering with evidence and taser her. Emotions flare, but the sheriff agrees to hire her as a consultant, if she closes cases. With a daughter to support and bills she can't pay, Baxley is motivated to succeed.


Things get dicey when she unearths a murder victim on the same jobsite, planting Baxley in the suspect pool. For calling unwanted attention to her private retreat, Baxley's landscaping client fires her, stiffing her for the plants and labor.

Meanwhile, her father retires as county dreamwalker, passing the community service responsibility along to her.

Baxley's dreamwalking sideline competes for her time with her day jobs of landscaping and pet-sitting. Folks show up on her doorstep at all hours to pass messages to the departed. Though her money problems persist, food randomly appears at her door, and her hair develops a telltale white streak in the forelock overnight.

Just what every young woman wants, a permanent bad hair day.

Threats to her safety mount as Baxley delves into the victim's life--in both worlds. With a killer dogging her heels and spirits nipping at her mind, Baxley follows her dreams to find the truth.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.00