Ghost Pepper: Ahora

An Ahora Story

Why is it the final straw is not the big things like forgetting the dinner date you had been planning for weeks but rather leaving the cap off the tooth paste? For Adam, Tony and Vickie it is eating the last of the peanut butter and putting the empty jar back in the cupboard. When the camel's back broke Vicki storms out of the house and disappears. Tony and Adam go in search of her and it takes a month to find her. Unfortunately for them she does remember them and is frightened of the emotions they evoke in her. Ghost Pepper- Ahora is their story of how they win their girl back and reunite their pack. Oh, did I forget to mention they are all werewolves?

BA Tortuga has an enviable talent in that she can bring heat to a story quickly and leave you wanting more. You will love this book! Just be sure to have a cool drink handy to help keep you cooled down as you read it.

The only problem I found with this story is that it is a bit too short to tell the whole story. I wish it had been longer.

Book Blurb for Ghost Pepper: Ahora

Tony and Adam are determined to get their girl back. Vicki has gone missing, and as volatile as she is, it's not like her to just leave them, especially so close to the first moon. Finding her trashed motorcycle in the desert doesn't give them a whole lot of hope, though.

Lost and unable to remember anything, Vicki doesn't know what to believe. Tony and Adam are strangers to her, but she knows they're hot as the elusive ghost pepper. Can the boys convince her to come home like they want to, ahora? Now?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.50