Gates of Paradise

Paradise #2

Ailana Maddock had lost so much recently, a mother to suicide, and what little respect and love she had for her father after she finds out he's into drug trafficking and murder. Also he has sold her in a marriage contract to his best friend and business partner, a man over twice her age. She runs, barely staying ahead of her father's men. When she falls into the icy river she is saved by two sexy men. Griffin Bedard and Dracen Giacomo are guarding the Gate to Paradise and the veil that keeps Paradise from the human world. They are not happy to find the human female lying beside the river. The attraction felt between the three is strong and the men know she is their true-bond mate. Somehow she has brought danger to their people through the veil with her.

This is a surprisingly great follow-up second book in Tianna Xander's Paradise series. Although I felt it missed something that book one, "A Stranger in Paradise" had. I still enjoyed it very much and found it to be a story I could not walk away from.

The pace still goes at near warp speed with constant twists and turns to keep you from becoming bored with the story. There are strong dominant males who have a protective streak a mile wide. Ali, their love interest has a backbone of steel and a compassionate heart. The setting is so well described you can imagine you are standing in the glen, next to the river, and smell the vegetation and hear the water coursing over the rocks.

As the second book in the series you will learn a bit more about Paradise, but if you did not know there was a prior book in the series you could easily read it as a standalone. I on the other hand recommend you read book one first to learn more about the overall series story line and about some of the other characters mentioned. Once you start reading the series you will not want to stop at just one or two, but continue through to the last.

Next in line is "Return to Paradise", which I cannot wait to start. Thanks for a new favored series Ms. Xander. I hope the people of Paradise keep sharing their stories with you as you share them with us.

Pick up your copy today and enjoy going beyond the veil into the heavenly town of Paradise.

Book Blurb for Gates of Paradise

Aliana Maddock runs for her life when she discovers the gift her father plans to bestow upon her for her twenty-fifth birthday. It isn’t the inheritance her mother promised before her death, but a contract for a marriage to a man twice her age—a criminal associate of her father’s. Sent to guard one of the gates of Paradise during the Sabbat when the veil between their world and the humans’ becomes thin, Griffin Bedard and Dracen Giacomo find a half dead woman lying unconscious on clan land. Drawn to her in a way they can’t explain, they risk their lives and the discovery of Paradise to keep her. Can the two men protect her from the evil that follows Aliana or will they all succumb to the danger that follows her to the gates of Paradise?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50