Freedom in the Smokies

Durham Wolves 3

You will love the bold and dynamic characters developed through the imagination of Becca Jameson. She keeps you on guard throughout the story. Just about the time you think you know what is going to happen next, she throws another curve into the mix and you have to rethink everything.

Kaitlyn Winston, at the age of 10, had come to live with her cold and austere grandmother at Winston Hall when her mother died. The only love and friendship she had known was the servants and employees on the farm. As soon as she graduated college she left and never looked back. Returning to her beloved Smoky Mountains she was lucky enough to be hired almost immediately on at the Durham Horse Farm with her dream job of training their horses.

Micah Durham could not understand the strange car in the drive way as she returned home. The nauseating green thing did not belong there. Juliana took a humorous thrill in telling him they had taken on a new trainer in his absence. A female, who was at that moment out in the barn working. They felt she would be safer with them rather than somewhere else in the area unprotected from the vampire out to destroy their family. Micah did not want another human to protect. His brother's may have fallen to the mating call, but he was not going to tempt fate or complicate his life more with another responsibility. The woman must go and he was going to go out to the barn to tell her so. Then he caught her scent and he no longer wanted her gone, he just wanted her period.

He and his wolf have found their mate and she belongs to them. The last of the Durham brothers has fallen and nothing and no one was going to keep him from her; not even a century’s old vampire bent on killing Micah and his entire family. As if finding a way to eliminate Keeton McKinney, the insane vampire threatening them all once and for all. Word comes that Kaitlyn's grandmother has died and left the farm to her with the stipulation she either live there, in California, or sell the property immediately, leaving all her friends there with no home or jobs. What is a girl and her werewolf mate to do?

This is the third in the Durham Wolves series, yet can easily be read as a standalone. I personally recommend reading the series from the first only to get greater detail of the storyline leading to Freedom in the Smokies. I loved this series and hate to see it come to a close. Perhaps if we are lucky Ms. Jameson might revisit the Durham’s with stories of some of the other characters such as Sheriff James Hardin or the wolves living around and working at Winston Hall. A girl can hope can't she?

Sensual Level: Explicit

Book Blurb for Freedom in the Smokies

He’s her alpha…and he knows how to push all her hot buttons.

With a vampire still threatening the family, Micah Durham has no plans to follow his brothers into matehood. In fact, he’d prefer not to expose anyone else—human or shifter—to the dangers they face.

Yet when he returns from visiting a horse buyer, he’s beyond pissed to find his family has hired a new human trainer. A female human trainer whose “I’m your mate” scent steals his power of speech.

Kaitlyn Winston couldn’t wait to get out of California, and out from under her grandmother’s thumb, to take her dream job in her beloved Smoky Mountains. Except when she attempts to make nice with her new boss, their attraction sends them to his bedroom to make love.

The haze of passion doesn’t make their problems disappear, though. The life Kaitlyn left behind throws a left hook that could pull them apart. And the Durham’s old enemy is back, stronger than ever, and threatening to pick off the Durhams and their mates…one at a time.

Warning: Steaming hot sex in a tack room, saddles and saw horses put to good use, mutual masturbation, hot showers, and lovers’ spats smoothed over with intense make-up sex.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.50