Forbidden Mate

Pack Seduction, 4

Wesley, a member of the Royal Elite Guard and a panther shifter, was moody and restless. Ever since his friend had mated Princess Deliah he felt as though his friend was no longer the same. His friend is no longer a member of the Elite, but rather now a member of the Royal family. Times and ways were changing and Wesley wondered if there was a place for the Royal Elite in the future of the shifter world. He had given everything he was to his vows to protect their queen, her daughters and their way of life. With each of the daughters now mated with protectors of her own what did the future hold for him. A new threat to the Royal Family is all that is grounding him. His training called to the front, but his panther was wanting something more.

Looking for some mindless release, Wesley heads toward the town’s shifter bar too look for a partner for the night. When he get there he finds the noise too loud and the place too crowded. He decides to just go to his place and get a good night’s sleep. As he walks home he hears a woman's voice coming from an alley. She is pleading to be let go. Unable to walk away he saves her from a coyote shifter and then walks away. Wanting to thank him Helen Cooper follows him to the woods where sensual tension abounds. But Wesley walks away from her once more.

The next day, Helen finds a man passed out on the ground outside her hotel when she heads toward the tour bus she is a guide on. When she stops to help him, he is startled and grabs her arm. Marco has kept to his and Targus cabin since the death of his mate. He has no desire for another one, especially a human. He too walks away from Helen. Later walking around the lake she meets another man and he too draws her and she begins to think there is something wrong with her. Yet Targus knows who and what she is and he doesn't plan on walking away.

This story is the fourth in the Pack Seduction series and Stacey Espino proves she still knows how to deliver a tension filled story with a clear storyline. Readers are in for a pleasurable afternoon's reading session. The author builds a relationship with enough twists and turns to make you wish you could trade places with the heroine. In this particular story Helen has not one, but three different men interested in claiming her for their own. It slowly develops to the point where each must choose what is more important. Will it be tradition, law or the love that only comes to us once in a lifetime? How would you choose? I choose the love and I’m hoping Ms. Espino offers more in this series soon. There are dangers lurking and three shifters may not be enough to save Helen from the unexpected. Pick up your copy today and decide what you would do in their place. Stay or run, the choice is up to you. Are you brave enough to take on the world for the one you love? Is love enough to save the one you love?

Overall Rating: Very Good

Book Blurb for Forbidden Mate

Helen's part-time job as a tour guide brings her to a town unlike anything she has ever known. It's shrouded in secrets, legends, and things she can't explain. Despite her bad track record with the opposite sex, she quickly finds herself being pulled into an erotic web with three locals.

Wesley, Targus, and Marco are everything she's ever fantasized about. They're hard muscle, sex, and dominance—but they're also keeping something from her.

Wesley's position as a Royal Elite guard is number one in his life. Taking a mate is forbidden. Claiming a human female would be the ultimate sin. When an investigation leads him to the doorstep of two wolf shifters, his panther's control is put to the test. They both want the same little brunette making Wesley lose sleep.

With a dangerous suspect still on the loose and old traditions guiding their choices, are the three shifters willing to sacrifice everything for a forbidden mate?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFMM), anal sex, light BDSM

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.50