For the Love of Two Highland Bears

Sunshine Campbell, a Crypto zoologist, is set on proving that her grandfather, Angus Campbell, was not the crazy man everyone thought he was. He believed in shifters! Imagine her and her best friend, Roxie Hammerlin's, surprise when they do not find a deceased specimen or two, but rather and entire clan of werebears alive and thriving. Gavin Dunbar and Malcolm MacLeod find the two American strangers near their clan caves and offer them shelter for the night. They want to find out more about the women they believe is their mate.

Tianna Xander has provided a society that has managed to maintain its secrecy from outsiders for decades. They are so well described that they seem to come to life off the pages. Reading the dialog you will imagine that you can hear them speaking. I personally have a weakness for a Scottish brogue. Add in the description of tall dark and handsome and I just might move into a cave in the highlands if that is what it takes to be with them. Anyone else want to check out the neighboring caves? Ms. Xander has two other polar bear shifter novels available for our reading pleasure and I for one plan on checking them out soon.

With steamy love scenes, a mystery of a past hidden in forgotten memories and a threat to the secrecy of the clan there is a constant changing story to read. Be warned though you may become addicted if you do not read responsibly. I plan to gorge and never find a cure. Indulge today!

Book Blurb for For the Love of Two Highland Bears

Sunshine Campbell became a Crypto zoologist to prove to the world that her grandfather, Angus Campbell, wasn’t crazy. His stories about legendary shape shifting animals were more than legends. He told her what he was and she believed him. She must prove they exist, even if it’s only to prove that the man who raised her wasn’t as crazy as everyone thought.

Sunshine knows what she will do when she finds the proof that more than one bear existed in the area. What will she do when she and her best friend find not only one or two dead specimens, but an entire clan alive and well?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50