Emerald Isle

A Stacy Justice Mystery, #4

Stacy is awakened by her grandmother on her 29th birthday to find that she is actually considered to be 30 by the ancient druid practice that a person is the age of 1 the day they are born. The 30th birthday has a special meaning to women born into the Geraghty line. This is the birthday where they come into their full power as a witch. As Stacy tries to get her foggy brain wrapped around the concept she starts her day with a stop at the paper to talk to the new editor, Derek. Being the senior partner Stacy is not pleased to find that Derek has hired Monique to write a sex advice column. She has no choice but to agree. Next she goes to her office where an apparition locks her in to give her a cryptic warning.

When Stacy later meets her cousin Cinnamon for a spa day she is given a wrapped package from her grandfather. The accompanying card reads only "For Stacy Justice when the time is right." Stacy wonders if anything in her life will ever be straight forward again. She puts the gift away to open later and plans to enjoy herself.

Meanwhile Birdie gets an urgent message from a council member telling her one of the four treasures, the cauldron, is missing and the council wants The Seeker of Justice to come to find it immediately. Time is of the essence. The last time the cauldron was stolen the great famine swept Ireland. Birdie agrees to the request without talking to Stacy. When Stacy finds out about it from an old nemesis of Birdie's, she becomes angry. She is tired of being used as a pawn and lets her smart mouth get her into trouble once more.

When she rejects her heritage in front of the portrait of Danu, the goddess is quick to retaliate. Stacy is grabbed and jerked into the web of Wyrd. It is time for Stacy. She cannot run from destiny. Back at the inn the Geraghty sisters search for Stacy and begin to realize that she is in the otherworld. They must hurry to get her back before she is trapped there forever.

Once again Barbra Annino opens with a scene that grabs you and refuses to relinquish you until the final line. The previous three books lead up to this installment. Stacy has been growing in maturity and power. She is learning to control her talent as well as family spells and history. What started in Book 1 "Opal Fire" culminates in "Emerald Isle". Stacy will meet up with her first familiar and old friends. She finds out for herself that faeries can be dangerous when insulted and that free will is not always free.

She will travel in time and through dimensions. She will put her life on the line to fulfill her destiny. Above all, she finds her grandmother is wrong. Spirits can harm you. If fact if you’re not careful they might even be able to kill you. I do not know if Ms. Annino plans more in this series, but I hope she does. I enjoyed this series immensely. It has humor, drama and suspense. This series is a keeper. Although this could be read as a standalone I promise you will get more out of it if you read all books in order.

Book Blurb for Emerald Isle

Stacy Justice may be a witch, but she still wants a nice, normal twenty-ninth birthday. Unfortunately, Stacy rarely gets normal. As her grandmother, Birdie, plans a birthday ritual for Stacy, disastrous news derails the celebration: the magic cauldron that supplies the world’s food has disappeared. And the last time it vanished, Ireland fell under the Great Famine.

A secret society known as The Council decrees that if Stacy finds the cauldron, she’ll receive the coveted role of Seeker of Justice, and her mother will finally be freed from prison in Ireland. But the grandson of nasty council member Tallulah challenges Stacy for the role. If he finds the cauldron first, Stacy will never see her mother again. And if they both fail, the world will suffer an unimaginable fate.

The fourth book in the enchanted Stacy Justice series, Emerald Isle follows Stacy’s journey to Ireland—and to a mysterious, magical world. But can the reluctant witch complete her international, intergenerational quest in time to save her mother—and the whole planet?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50