Dominating Their Virgin Sub

The Virgin Auctions, 4

Dominating Their Virgin Sub is set in a future where the elite male can purchase a bride at the Virgin Bride Auction and be guaranteed to receive an innocent and intact female that has been trained to be the perfect woman. The perfect woman is demure and submissive to any and all of her husband's desires. Once he has won the bidding on the bride of his choice she becomes his property and is placed at his mercy. Nikolas and Griffin St. Michaels (introduced in The Highest Bidder) return in Dominating Their Virgin Sub in search of a Virgin Bride of their own. They don’t just want any bride, but one especially trained in the D/s lifestyle. They are used to sharing their sexual partners and Maylene Staffanos is afraid of not pleasing her new master. How is she supposed to please two?

This is Jenika Snow's 4th offering in The Virgin Bride Auction Series and with only fifty-six pages I was surprised how many of those pages were devoted to developing the story. I thought this made the love scenes more poignant and enjoyable. Ms. Snow's character Nicolas pulled me the most as he struggles with developing a relationship with Maylene outside of his D/s one. I do wish she would explain more why he felt that love was never to be a part of his life, but Ms. Snow does show how he comes to realize his aloofness is destroying his chances with Marlene and how he goes about rectifying it.

Each of The Virgin Bride Auctions is a standalone book but we are treated with finding out how the characters from Book 3, The Highest Bidder are faring in this book. You may want to read how Kristoff and Veronica started and what brought them to where the relationship is now before getting started on book 4 about Kristoff’s brothers.

I do have one question for Ms. Snow. As these characters have children of their own are they planning to send their daughters to the Bridal training and then on to the Auction Block? If not how can they justify participating in one of the auctions? This is for both sides because some of the brides chose to participate as well and the men who bought them.

As you read all the novellas in this series you may be surprised why each side partook in the auction. Do not judge until you have read their stories!

Book Blurb for Dominating Their Virgin Sub

A virgin auctioned off to the highest bidder...

Maylene Steefanos has been specifically conditioned not only as a virgin bride, but a submissive as well. When not one, but two Dominants claim her as their wife, all of her training will be put to the test.

The brothers will show their virgin sub what it means to submit to them...

Nikolas and Griffin St. Michaels share everything, women included. Both Doms, they enjoy the company of a submissive together, but Griffin wants more than the one-night stand encounters they have indulged in. Nikolas, a Dom that enjoys the sound of his cane across his sub's flesh, agrees to take on a wife. He knows he must keep his sadistic tendencies reined in until he sees their bride's reaction. But both brothers realize Maylene is the perfect sub, and they will show her that with pain comes ultimate pleasure.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), BDSM, anal sex, sex toys

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00