Death in Perspective

A Cherry Tucker Mystery, #4

If you like a touch of humor with a dash of sass in your mysteries, then you are going to love Larissa Reinhart's Cherry Tucker Mysteries.

Cherry Tucker is a true Georgia girl with a tender heart and a spine of steel. As a struggling artist, Cherry has accepted a position as a set designer at an elite Peerless Day Academy. While preparing the set for Romeo and Juliette she learns of a cyber-bully. The bully is texting messages that exposes secrets of the school and its faculty and student body. Cherry hears that the school secretary died and required an autopsy as well as a student committed suicide. She declines Deputy Luke Harper's help in fear that he might learn a few of her own family's secrets. The texter is closing in on Cherry as fast as Cherry is closing in on the malicious texter. If Cherry is not careful she could be exiting the stage permanently.

I was pulled into Cherry's world from the moment I opened book one, Portrait of a Dead Guy. I’ve grew to love the town of Halo, Georgia and most of its residents. There are some who have rubbed me the wrong way. Halo is sort of like the small town I live in.

In this book there is still confusion over her exact relationship with Luke Harper, but the man is persistent. Although this is a standalone read, I recommend reading the series in order to see from the beginning how Cherry interacts with different characters. You will also get to read about how everything is developing as the series progresses. This is a series we will be reading for a long time, if we are lucky. There is no word on book six's release date, but there is a prequel novella, Quick Sketch that is available now.

Book Blurb for Death in Perspective

The curtain rises on Cherry Tucker’s debut as a high school set designer at the posh Peerless Day Academy. Cherry’s been hired for an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, but the drama director is hoping Cherry can also turn the spotlight on a malicious social media bully who’s sending poisonous texts to the faculty. The director’s got his own drama to hide, and the phantom texter seems eager to spill school secrets. When the principal’s secretary commits suicide, Cherry suspects foul play.

Deputy Luke Harper is ready to return as Cherry’s leading man. He’s eager to assist in finding the phantom culprit, but Cherry fears family secrets may doom them to the role of star-crossed lovers. Offstage, Cherry’s searching for her missing brother whose vendetta might doom Cherry and Deputy Luke Harper as star-crossed lovers. With the bully waiting for a murderous encore and her own family skeletons to hide, Cherry scrambles to find her brother and the mysterious texter before the phantom decides it’s curtains for Cherry and forces her to take a final bow.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 5.00