Cold Moon Dead

The Vinnie Esposito Series, #4

Mobsters, carjacking, shootings, intruders and threatening calls continue to bring excitement to Vinnie’s life, excitement that Vinnie would really like to do without. Vinnie, through no fault of her own, is drawn into danger and must find answers. That is until someone takes her out of the equation permanently.

Cresting a hill Vinnie Esposito swerves her Altima to avoid a car stalled in the slow lane. Stopping and backing up in the emergency lane she calls the police to report the car and then gets out and walks toward the broken down car. An elderly woman in ragged clothing berates her for "nearly killing" her. She goes on to tell Vinnie that the least she could do is take her home. Vinnie agrees and they get into Vinnie's car. The old woman rummages in her tattered purse and suddenly pulls out a .38 and points it at Vinnie. She tells Vinnie to pull over and tells her to get out. When Vinnie reaches for her purse the old woman grabs it and tells Vinnie it belongs to her now. Luckily Vinnie has her cell phone in her pocket. Reluctantly she call the police to report the theft, knowing she was going to be ribbed mercilessly. After all she is an instructor of criminal justice, you would think she would know better than to pick up a stranger.

Just to prove her day could go from bad to worse, after giving her statement to her friend Officer Freedom Banger, Freedom is called to an incident. While waiting for her to return she hears what sounds like firecrackers. An older man stumbles in the front door with blood dripping down his arm. Grabbing paper towels to stanch the blood flow the man gives her a number to call and then he tells the person to come get him, that he has been shot. He tells Vinnie to clean up the bloody towel and to forget everything she has seen and him. When a car screeched to a stop he goes out and gets in and leaves. Vinnie tells no one. Later she calls her father and describes the man asking him if he knows who it is. Her father tells her that it was Tony Jabroni and that Vinnie needs to stay far away from him as he is a "businessman", another name for mobster, from the Hill.

My friend Vinnie is like a magnet for trouble and this installment is no different. When offered this book for review I jumped on it and rubbed my hands in glee waiting for it to arrive. I was not disappointed. Once again Ms. Griffith delivers a story that moves you along from page one. She opens up by setting a scene all of us could have been involved in. How many of us would have passed an elderly woman with a broken down car on the side of the road. You and I would have called for assistance, waited for the emergency services to arrive and been on our way. Not so Vinnie, she seems to live by Murphy's Law and that keeps you glued to the book while you wait to find out what new misadventure this poor soul will be drawn into. Suffering along with her are Marcus, her boyfriend who is also a state trooper and Aaron her border, who is also an undercover FBI agent. Everyone but Marcus and Vinnie thinks he works for the EPA. We all have either known a family member who no matter how hard they try, they can't seem to stay out of trouble or perhaps that person is you. Either way this little flaw in Vinnie's DNA is what keeps me coming back for more.

For such a smart woman Vinnie is always at the center of whatever controversial cataclysmic events are taking place. This is the fourth installment is a lively fast moving storyline that is fun to read. Hopefully Ms. Griffin will have the next book out soon. Although all the books can stand on their own I recommend you read the books in order to get the full story from the beginning. By starting at the beginning you get to see Vinnie and Marcus' first meeting and how Aaron grant came to be living in the apartment upstairs during an undercover assignment. Whatever you decide you can be sure you will enjoy this series. The character are so realistic that you will find yourself wanting to call them up for a chat or to invite them over for a small gathering at your home. You will imagine the futures and waiting to see where their lives will go next.

Book Blurb for Cold Moon Dead

Telling Vinnie Esposito to stay out of trouble is like telling a wolf not to howl at the moon. But you can’t blame Vinnie this time. She’s just trying to be a Good Samaritan. How is Vinnie supposed to know that the little old lady, stranded at the side of the road, is a carjacker? And when Vinnie helps her artist friend paint a mural in a big, fancy mansion—how is she supposed to know that the owner is the biggest, most notorious, mobster in the state? And she can’t help it when she finds a dead body at the art show. And next thing you know her parents are fighting; and her boyfriend, hunky State Trooper Marcus Richmond, is mad at her; and her sexy, upstairs tenant, FBI agent Aaron Grant, is up to something. And Vinnie has to make everything right. But before she does that, it’s going to get even more wrong.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50