Christina's Bear

Chestnut Rock Shifters, #2

This great and short novella is the second in a series and can be read as a standalone. I think you will want to purchase book 1 "Jenn's Wolf" as well. This is an easy short read to enjoy.

You have a great heroine in Christina Mills. She is blond and beautiful, but insecure. Her roommate recently has moved in with her fiancé Matt. So Christina feels that she needs to find a smaller apartment. She heads to the local store to purchase a paper and a coffee. Suddenly the clerk taunts her and someone from behind her startles. She nearly burns herself with the steaming coffee. When she turns to see who it is she looks up and up and up. At six foot it is rare Christina needs to look up at all, much less to someone as tall as James "Bull" Johnson.

Bull has come to town at the invitation of his friend Matt, a recently mated wolf-shifter. He was informed that there was room to run in his bear form and a job waiting for him at the construction company where Matt works. Bull likes Chestnut Rock, but he is lonely and wants what Matt has…a mate. He has given up on ever finding her. Needing a place to stay he heads to the corner store for a paper and a coffee. What he finds there is his mate. Thinking he scared her with his actions and size he lets her leave without finding anything out about her. Imagine his surprise when she arrives at his best friend's house the next day.

Bull again reacts badly in front of Christina and in shame and frustration runs off into the woods to cool off. Trying to figure out what is going on Christina looks to Matt and Jenn to explain. She learns of shapeshifters, mates and that Bull is hers. Now it is up to her to go after Bull and convince him she is not afraid of him and that she is just as drawn to him. Will the misunderstandings keep them apart? Will each overcome their pasts to grab a future full of possibilities?

An awesomely cool shifter romance.

Book Blurb for Christina's Bear

Christina Mills’ loud, bubbly personality gains her numerous friends and dating opportunities. Unfortunately, being labeled a “party girl” and dating a lot can give people the wrong impression. When Christina’s dates learn the truth about her, they soon move on.

James “Bull” Johnson is a restless bear shifter ready to settle down. At the urging of his friend, he relocates to the mid-sized town of Chestnut Rock. Bull hopes the nearby forest and being near his best friend will help soothe his bear and cure some of his loneliness.

When Bull and Christina meet, he recognizes her as his mate. However, their first two encounters leave Bull thinking Christina is afraid of him and Christina is confused by her feelings toward the stranger. Both Bull and Christina have secrets and insecurities that keep them guarded, but if they can trust one another, they’ll discover they’re made for each other.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00