Bear Facts

Mixed Breeds, #2

With the death of Marin their old Alpha Jeanette's pack has not yet elected a new Alpha and life is becoming too oppressive to stay. Stopped on her way to go for a run by one of the enforcers she has had enough and decides to go lone wolf. While out jogging at night along a path in the park the ground breaks away and Jeannette falls over the edge and down the embankment, breaking her ankle. Neale, a mountain lion shifter, comes to her rescue and takes her home for his housemate Zane, a bear shifter, to look at her ankle.

Once they have set and splinted her ankle Zane and Neale settle her into their bed to rest. After a short nap Jeannette awakens to be turned on watching Zane and Neale being intimate and is soon joining in. Neale is thrilled with the "puppy" he brought home and asks Zane if they can keep her. Then her pack find her again and try to take her back. Will the developing romance be destroyed before it even begins?

This book contains explicit sex and language – Yummy and spicy. My only request would be to have the conflict between the old pack and Jeannette, Neale and Zane been more detailed. Otherwise, Bear Facts is a delightful quick read.

Book Blurb for Bear Facts

Jeanette has no interest in all the political wrangling her werewolf pack is doing these days, so she strikes out on her own. She thinks she's escaping any kind of danger, but being alone has its scary moments, too, like when she injures herself on a remote jog.

Werekitty Neale is happy to come to the rescue, and even happier to bring this sexy lady home to his werebear mate, Zane. The two boys think Jeanette is just what they need to complete their happy family, but is Jeanette willing to take a chance and lose her newfound independence?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00