All's Well That Ends

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All's Well That Ends

An Amanda Pepper Mystery

Mandy had come to support her friend Sasha as she attended her ex-stepmother's funeral. Phoebe Ennis and Sasha had managed to remain close over the years after Sasha's father and Phoebe divorced. Sasha is convinced that Phoebe had not died from suicide, but rather, had been murdered. Mandy humored her until Sasha stops by one evening and explains why she believes the police and medical examiner got it wrong. CK, exhausted from work and from trying to help his family in Louisiana as they recover from the devastation of the hurricane and subsequent floods, is at first confused then incredulous as Sasha and Mandy decide that because of the flamboyant red, four-inch heeled shoes Pheobe had been wearing and where her body was found in her home, there was no way Phoebe had been contemplating suicide.

Adding to Mandy's stress are the missing Hurricane Relief funds being collected at Philly Prep, the possible gambling among the students and a possible move to Louisiana to help CK's family rebuild.

Gillian Roberts is about to send Amanda Pepper out with a bang. Although it saddens me to see the last of this series, I am here to tell you that "All's Well That Ends" is one of the best of the series. With constant twists and turns, it will hold your attention until the very surprising ending. Ms. Roberts has written some very strong characters and some devious villains. She has never disappointed her readers when she introduces a new story and she did not let us down with her last one in the series. I regret that this is the end of Amanda Pepper, but hope that maybe one day she will once again rise and bring us the excitement and intrigue that is her life.

As always, this book could be read as a stand alone with very little confusion to the reader. I personally recommend that you read the series in order starting with book one, "Caught Dead In Philadelphia", and read them consecutively through to the end. That way you can watch as the characters interact and see their relationships develop. There are so many subtle changes in the characters and Philly Prep throughout the series. Read them all and see how they grow and mature with each new book. Perhaps Ms. Roberts will decide to resurrect Amanda and we will be rewarded with yet another Amanda Pepper mystery to try to solve.

Book Blurb for All's Well That Ends

Amanda's friend Sasha's stepmother has just committed suicide—although, according to Sasha, Phoebe Ennis would never have killed herself, especially not while having a drink and wearing a red silk blouse and red sandals with four-inch heels. Amanda isn't persuaded, but reluctantly agrees to help investigate the woman's demise, though the evidence for foul play is slim. True, the middle-aged compulsive collector of knickknacks wasn't universally loved. Phoebe's own son hated her, and she bored her friends to death with hints of her "royal" lineage. And with four marriages behind her, she was already preparing to announce her renewed availability on the Net. But when another woman is found dead in Phoebe's house, it becomes clear that something is indeed murderously amiss, and much closer to home than Amanda or anyone else could have imagined.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50