A Summer in Paradise

Paradise #12

Pearl June Alexander had run from Paradise 15 years before, taking her younger sister Crystal with her. It was the only way to save her from the violence she and their older sister Gemma had known at the hands of the sadistic followers of the old council. Now Crystal was older and safe in college and Pearl was off to Scotland to take up a new teaching position far away from her abusive ex-boyfriend. She stopped at the line shack to rest up before heading down the mountain to see Gemma to say goodbye once more, this time, perhaps forever. Duncan & Jared came to the line shack for a weekend of relaxation before leaving Paradise in search of their mate. Little did they realize that the mountain always provides what is needed, food, shelter and mate?

After repeated abuse Pearl has a hard time trusting her judgement where men are concerned. Her guilt over leaving one sister behind in order to save the other ate away at her. She has overcome so much to come into her own. She is strong, resourceful, and a woman loyal to those she cared about. Duncan and Jarrod are men of honor, not to mention gorgeous. They are strong, patient and were willing to sacrifice everything for the good of the whole and the safety of those they love. How could you not come to love and admire such bold and vivacious characters.

This is the 12th book in the Paradise series and I feel like I am visiting old friends every time I begin a new book. True, this book can be read as a stand-alone, but if you want to know the complete history of Paradise and how it has continued to return to its former glory since the ousting of the old leaders, council and their followers, I suggest you read it from the very beginning with "A Stranger In Paradise". You will learn why the town nearly died out, the Leopard shifters nearly became extinct and how the residents and their friends went about rebuilding and enticing those who had fled the tyranny of the old council to return.

This is a series that will call to you as your fingers itch to find out what happens next in Paradise. Ms. Xander has written that the town is opening up to the humans they deem able to keep their secrets who are allowed to come and live there. If Paradise were real, I think I would put my application in and open a store in that picturesque mountain town and live there forever. Paradise needs a library, maybe that is what I would open so that I would have a place to store all my books and if I had someone change me, I could track down those who failed to return them or returned them damaged. I wonder what my chances would be of acceptance? Pick up a copy today and see if you would like an application for residency as well.

Book Blurb for A Summer in Paradise

Pearl didn’t expect to run into anyone on the mountain over Paradise when she went home for a visit. She planned to spend a few weeks in the wilds at a line cabin between Sabbats to try and recover from her last encounter with her ex-boyfriend. She didn’t expect to find two males on the lake sunning themselves, naked, while the fish took off with their fishing poles.

Duncan and Jarrod loved the mountains. It was why they decided to go to the lake. Between Sabbats there was nothing more to do than swim, fish and get a tan. Planning to live off the land, while they contemplate ways to find their mate, the two men are surprised to discover that the mountain over Paradise can provide everything they need—even a beautiful female to help pass the time.

Three souls, one cabin and one isolated lake add up to one hot summer in Paradise.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.50