A Stranger in Paradise

Paradise #1

Hidden behind a magical veil is the home of the Paradise Clan and the Leoparo’s. It’s the residence of alpha Adam Greer. Adam has been tracking the members of the clan that left when the council took over. He has plans to entice lost members home. So far only TJ Woodard has been located. Adam and his beta, Nick Hill, along with a few trusted enforcers have set out to find TJ.

Nina Bidel has been on the run ever since TJ's death. She has been finishing his manuscripts and trying to stay one step ahead of the men trying to kill her. She meets Adam and Nick when they come to her rescue. When the three feel the attraction they cannot resist it. Now what are they to do? How about finding out who is after her and why they are after her? What secrets does she hold that could get her killed?

I was held captive from the moment I began reading "A Stranger in Paradise". I could not put it down until the very last word was read. Readers will fall in love with the characters in the story. What makes them unique is their quirky idiosyncrasies, their strengths and even their flaws. Nina has lived by her wits most of her life, but has kept her warm heart intact. Adam and Nick have overcome things in their pasts, but their loyalty to their people and fierce protective instincts with Nina show them to be more than they think they are. Surprise attracts, fleeing into the night and an unexpected planned ambush make this a story entertaining and kept me hooked. I want to return to Paradise and the Leoparo clan again and again.

For a first book this one was superior to most. With a few words the lead into the plot is established as are the characters places in the story. It's fast pace keeps your face glued to the words. This is the first in a long running series. As such it is definitely a standalone. I look forward to indulging each and every other book in the series as well.

Tianna Xander has developed such a wonderful world for us to explore and I am grateful. I just need to figure out how to get past the barrier as a human and then I plan to pack a trunk or two for a long extended visit. If you would like to vacation in Paradise as well pick up a copy of "A Stranger in Paradise" and help find the clues on where it is located. We will need to get together to compare notes and plan a date to start our trip soon.

Book Blurb for A Stranger in Paradise

As Alpha of the Paradise clan, it's Adam Greer's duty to save his people from extinction. With Nick Hill, his beta's help, he tracks down a descendant of one of the families that broke away from the pride many years ago. They can only hope that TJ Woodward agrees to come back to Paradise as the first newcomer in generations, to infuse the clan with new DNA.

Nina Bidel, a close friend of bestselling suspense author, TJ Woodward, finds dozens of half-written manuscripts when she packs away his estate after his death. With his will naming her his sole beneficiary, she sees no harm in completing the books TJ started. But someone out there is determined that the novels never see the light of day.

When they think they have finally caught up to TJ, intent on bringing him to their home, Adam and Nick realize the last several books released weren’t written by TJ Woodward, but by spunky Nina Bidel. Nina jumps at the chance to escape the men determined to kill both her and TJ’s remaining novels. None of them expect the chain of events her deception is about to unleash.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 5.00