A Melody in Paradise

Paradise #11

When a fan becomes an obsessive stalker and then becomes more and more dangerous, Melody Madison lets herself get talked into going with her best friend and roommate Carmen to Paradise where her uncles Mitch and Wyatt Baldwin can protect her.

Mitch and Wyatt meet Carmen's friend for the first time and are thrilled to find she is their truebond mate. When they find her unconscious after a concert they learn she is in danger. There is nothing they will not do to keep her safe. They take her back to their home where they can protect her and try to convince her to accept them as her mates and stay in Paradise with them forever. To say she is not happy when she regains consciousness is putting it mildly. This is not a good start to a relationship. With danger following her and her dreams threatened the clock is ticking to find the lunatic trying to remove Melody from first chair permanently by any means necessarily.

I have come to expect top quality reading enjoyment from Tianna Xander and I have yet to be disappointed. She manages to make each and every story unique even as you get the pre-requisite romance and exciting love scenes. The suspense is in there and interwoven with humor and a test of wills. Ms. Xander provides us with intelligent strong characters that make you want to know them better. Paradise is a town most of us PNR fans would love to live in. It is mostly inhabited by shifters. The majority of residents have steel for spines. They have fought for and won their town back. Now we get to watch as it goes from a near ghost town to a thriving place to raise a family in peace and safety. I want a chance to see if I might meet the qualifications for residency before they close the gates to non-shifters. All I need is a map showing how to get there!!! Anyone want to help me raid the Xander home to find one???

Pick up a copy of "Melody in Paradise" for yourself today. It is a standalone read, as are all the books in the series. I personally recommend that you read the series in its entirety from the beginning. In that way you get to know the residents of Paradise better and understand the different relationships of the people living there and how each affects the current status of the regrowth of Paradise. You can see the town in your mind's eye, it is so well described. Take a break and immerse yourself in Paradise.

Book Blurb for A Melody in Paradise

When Melody Madison, new first violin, first chair of the New Haven Philharmonic gets strange threatening letters from a deranged fan, she has nowhere to turn. With her family gone, she has only her best friend, Carmen and Carmen’s uncles to turn to. Can the men help her in her time of need and will she be able to keep her hands to herself so they can protect her?

When Mitch and Wyatt Baldwin meet their niece’s college roommate for the first time, they are shocked to realize that she is their much-anticipated mate. After years of waiting and searching, they find it difficult to believe she has been so close, but yet so far for the last several years. When they find she is being stalked by a fanatical admirer, they take her security into their hands. After all, it is their right and their privilege to protect what is theirs.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50