Dorian's Mate

Dorian's Mate is a marvelous story with wonderful, fun characters paired to a solidly classic storyline made fresh by its paranormal twist. The story flows well, sets a nice even pace, and transitions smoothly without jarring the reader. The main characters are well defined, fully developed and easily understood while secondary characters are developed enogh to interest the reader without taking over the plot.

As a reader I enjoyed this book tremendously and would easily reccomend it to others who read with a mind for getting lost in an interesting story.

Book Blurb for Dorian's Mate

Dorian is instantly awakened from a rejuvenating sleep deep within the secret chamber hidden beneath his home. He’d felt the disturbance and knew that someone was inside his home…someone that he hadn’t invited.

Upon rising and cloaking himself, he’s pleasantly surprised by the beautiful sight that greeted him. She was unlike any other woman that he’d been attracted too before and he knew immediately that this woman would complete him.

Once he revealed himself to her, he knew that he had to do everything within his power to make her a permanent part of his life. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.50