Summer on Lovers' Island

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Summer on Lovers' Island

A Jewell Cove Novel, #3

Josh comes home to Jewell Cove to start a new life after a tragic event. He’s grateful to work at the town clinic but at night he can’t forget the painful memories of his wife. Lizzie moves to Jewell Cove after a terrible mistake that halted her career as a trauma doctor. Instead of getting herself back and moving on, she feels even more lost. But then she meets Josh and everything changes.

It is terrible for someone to lose a spouse. I felt very sympathetic towards Josh. He went through a lot. Even though his family and friends are very supportive, his memories still haunt him. And you can’t really blame him. The wound may heal but the scar will still be there. I’m glad Josh and Lizzie found each other. They deserve each other. When they first met I can felt a little bit of chemistry between them.

After I finished the book, I can’t say it is one of my favorites but nonetheless I enjoyed it. Besides I love small town’s stories. I recommend this book for those looking to read something not too heavy.

Book Blurb for Summer on Lovers' Island

What happens when a seasonal fling turns into the love of a lifetime?

Lizzie Howard's life has always been adrenaline-charged. Top of her class at Harvard Med and now a gifted trauma doctor, Lizzie's medical career has always come before rest, relaxation, and especially romance. But when one careless mistake brings her future to a screeching halt, Lizzie's only chance at reviving it is to temporarily take over a friend's practice in Jewell Cove. The sleepy Maine coast, a world away from the bustling emergency room Lizzie knows and loves, leaves her feeling more lost than ever--until she meets widowed doctor Joshua Collins, and her heart starts beating a little bit faster…

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.00