Spy in the Saddle

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Spy in the Saddle

HQ: Texas

Two people were brought back together again after ten years to work on a case together. Lilly and Shep Lewis have a troubled past that they can’t forget. The past still haunts Shep and when Lilly turns up at his work place, he is not happy at all.

Lilly was a troubled kid when she was young, but now she has changed. She is now an FBI agent and proud of it. But when she saw Shep again, she felt terrible about what she did to him in the past. She wants to show him that she has made it. She is now someone with a good job and she is no longer the kid from the past. But Shep’s reaction is not what she expects.

It was very interesting to read about the meeting between Shep and Lilly. I was the most excited when I read about them meeting again after so many years. Even though Shep did not want to admit it, the reason why he did not want Lilly to come back into his life is quite obvious to me. I believed that he really did care for her. Being an FBI agent is a dangerous job, so I guess he did not want her to get hurt especially on the case they were investigating at the moment. But nonetheless Lilly was now a strong woman and capable of taking care of herself. Still he is always on guard whenever they go out to investigate together. The fact that Lilly is the sister of a close friend doesn’t help either.

I was thrilled to read about all the action scenes. I liked the fact that Lilly was not some helpless girl and always needing someone to rescue her. Actually it was the other way around. She was the one who rescue Shep in the end.

There was no denying that they felt something for each other, but there was something stopping them from being together. They were so good together and all the time I was rooting for them to tell the truth about what was in their hearts. The sparks between them were undeniable. And some scenes were just too much for me because my imagination went wild whenever I read Shep’s name. He was just amazing as well as Lilly. She was good for Shep. They were meant for each other.

By the end of the book, I was smiling so much my face hurt. Together they were unstoppable. I did not regret reading this at all. This book is action packed and you will not regret reading it. There was not a boring moment for me. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time I read it. Thank you so much Dana Morton for such an awesome book!

Book Blurb for Spy in the Saddle

Two agents must work together without letting a tense past—and a sizzling new attraction—disrupt their most important mission in Dana Marton's HQ: Texas miniseries 

It's been ten years since soldier Shep Lewis laid eyes on delinquent-turned-FBI agent Lilly Tanner, and this time they have an even bigger problem than each other: terrorists. In the center of a smuggling operation, Shep and Lilly must partner up and protect each other. 

Not even their undercover identities can mask the mounting attraction between the pair as they struggle to survive in the merciless Texas borderlands. Can they put the past behind them and focus on the mission at hand? Or will their partnership reignite the flames of their untapped passions?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50