Return of the Italian Tycoon

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Return of the Italian Tycoon

The Vineyards of Calanetti, #2

I love reading Harlequin books and I have liked almost all of the books that I’ve read so far by them. So I couldn’t wait to try this one out and it didn’t disappoint.

This book follows the two main character, Kayla and Angelo. Angelo is Kayla’s boss. Let me talk about Kayla first. My first impression of her was that I would like her and I wasn’t wrong. She is very smart, capable, and good at doing her job. And also she is very down to earth, girl next door type, which is very relatable. She’s trying her hardest to prove to her family that she can make it on her own in the big city.

Angelo, on the other hand can be very arrogant and hard to please. He likes perfection, which is understandable because the business world is cruel. One mistake and the company could lose many clients. When Angelo is needed back at his hometown because of a family situation he takes Kayla along with him. They have a few bumps along the road but eventually everything works out for both of them.

I don’t really have any issues with the story or the characters. The characters were likeable and the pace of the story is good. Overall, it is a good read. I look forward to more books by this author.

Book Blurb for Return of the Italian Tycoon

Promoted…to wife? 

Tough tycoon Angelo Amatucci must return to the Tuscan village of his childhood. With a lot of work to do, he brings his dedicated assistant Kayla Hill with him. 

As beautiful Kayla falls for the village's charms, she also discovers a new, very attractive side to Angelo—working with him to secure a wedding contract is blissful torture! Especially as Kayla begins to wonder what it would be like to be Mrs. Amatucci…  

The Vineyards of Calanetti 

Saying "I do" under the Tuscan sun…

Stands Alone: yes

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.00