My Spy: Last Spy Standing

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My Spy: Last Spy Standing

HQ: Texas

Jamie Cassidy is under cover for a mission. Bree Tridle is a deputy sheriff who just wants to keep her town safe. When these two meet the sparks fly.

Okay, so I really liked Shep from Spy in the Saddle, but Jamie in this book made me fall in love with him right away. As I was reading the first few pages, I knew I had to read until the end because I wanted to know more and I could feel his pain. I also feel conscious about my body. Sometimes I tell myself I am beautiful in my own way, but the doubt always come back once in a while, so I totally could relate with Jamie. He was so likeable. I liked him from page one and he did not even have to do much. I couldn’t imagine the pain he was going through losing both of his legs. Despite being injured, he is such a strong person. He keeps going forward every single day. His love and dedication to his job is very admirable.

I found him so cute when he first went to Bree’s house. I liked how he called out her name first before entering because he didn’t want to get shot. As the story progressed I couldn’t help but like him more and more. There were so many scenes where I couldn’t do anything else but smile when he was with Bree. They were so good together and good for each other.

Jamie was broken and didn’t want a relationship. Bree was tired of men who just wanted one thing from her and wouldn’t care about anything else in her life. But when these two meet, it was incredible. It was like fate. These two are just wow…I do not know how to describe them. They are so amazing together and I looked forward to reading about them every single page.

This book was such a page-turner. It was filled with so much actions and I really loved Bree being a deputy sheriff. She is capable of leading her team and I really respected her for that. She is very caring towards others, especially her sister. I loved reading about Katie and the sisterly love/bond between her and Bree.

This story was epic. I loved everything about it. It has wonderful characters and the constant action will keep you on your toes. I assured you, you will surely fall in love with Jamie. And of course the plot itself was also incredible. I couldn’t believe it took me so long to get started on this book, but I’m glad I did because it was a wonderful story with very real characters. Thank you Dana Marton for this marvelous story!

Book Blurb for My Spy: Last Spy Standing

The stakes are higher and the danger is bigger in Dana Marton's HQ: Texas miniseries. 

A mission gone wrong forced injured soldier Jamie Cassidy to start anew…and run right into the path of deputy sheriff Bree Tridle. The sassy, sexy Texan was as determined to uncover a local money-laundering scheme as Jamie was to keep her safe from the stalker hot on her trail. But Jamie, now an undercover operative, was also on a covert mission of his own: track smugglers threatening to bring terrorists into the U.S. Could Jamie's and Bree's cases be related? When a deadly attack on Bree's home escalates the danger and their attraction, Jamie and Bree must face their enemies together to save not only their country, but their one chance at love. 

2 books in 1! LAST SPY STANDING also included in this book!

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 5.00